AngularJS and Spring Technologies are Great Solution for Your Software Development Project

Software development covering your sophisticated IT requirements


AngularJS, combined with Spring and Hibernate, has gained serious traction in the tech industry and has been decaled as a top technology stack for building java based web applications. Following the latest development trends, we have formed several software development teams that have great experience in such outsourced projects

The stack has been proven to suite even the most sophisticated requirements, as it gives great flexibility both at the backend and the frontend side. That’s because the custom implementation is done using custom components, that are modifiable and extensible, which makes it great choice for companies providing both mobile and desktop software development services.

Being a javascript technology, AngularJS is portable and is running on every browser, no matter if it is mobile or desktop device. This provides great portability, having in mind Angular components are rendered specifically for mobile devices by default.

Rapid software development covering your sophisticated IT requirements

From our experience, adding technologies like Spring Boot and JHipster can boost the productivity and are great for rapid development of web applications. Unlike some RAD tools that are a black box, here we are relying on code generation, that can be easily modified and extended.

Angular and Angular 2.0

At the time of writing this text, Angular 2.0 has just released a more stable version. Even though it is brand new, we are eager to get invested in it, as it is supported by the largest tech vendors in the world. Having said that, we’ve put our experts on intense training of Angular 2.0 even before it has been officially launched, because we are a software company keeps at the forefront of innovation, devoted to provide software development services using the cutting edge technologies.

Angular 2.0 and TypeScript

Paired those technologies allow for type safety from the database table to user’s interface.

After we have proven our tech expertise, meet the team that can provide adept services and mastery in java and other technologies. Choose the right people for your project!

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