Business Intelligence vol.2

Business Intelligence vol.2

June 24, 2014
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So far, in PART 1we discussed the core of BI and the different layers of the technology stack.  Let`s move on.

Business Intelligence players

As every industry there are big companies that are approved and recognized when it comes to Business Intelligence solutions. In term of BI the names are very well known as they provide also other services or are related in some different way in the IT ecosystem. Companies like IBM, SAPMicrosoft and Oracle

are known as the megavendors in the BI market controlling 75% of it. Despite these big names there are companies that are making their way to the top players. Tableau, QlikTech, Tibco, MicroStrategy,Pentaho, JasperSoft – which was acquired by Tibco recently, are all BI providers which stand out with innovations and fast adjustment to the marketplace. These companies are climbing the ladder of success and fame and if they want to keep ahead they should maintain the customer satisfaction to a high level.

Bussiness Intelligence trends

Mobile BI – the latest tools will allow to move beyond delivery of simple descriptive Business Intelligence, and on to full interaction. Users will be able to explore the data on their device drilling up and down, and slicing and dicing the data. Mobile Business Intelligence will allow remote users, and those away from their desk, to gain access to information wherever they are and make decisions immediately. Interactivity is the true key to Mobile Business Intelligence.

Cloud BI – cloud computing and business intelligence are an ideal match. Business intelligence is about delivering the right information to the right people at the right time, and cloud computing provides a lightweight, agile way to access BI applications. Cloud BI applications are accessible on multiple devices and web browsers, which removes the limitation to access the application on-site. Also a organisation can decrease the budget for business intelligence infrastructure.

Voice recognition and BI – in latest researches voice recognition is considered as one of the most interesting future feature of BI. Can you imagine to ask a computer to forecast the next quarter sales or how to adjust the product price according to a region? It sounds to me like Siri on steroids.

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