Dreamix is now a software modernization partner for CERN

Dreamix is thrilled to announce our new partnership with CERN’s Business Computing Group – a group within the organization responsible for managing information systems for the physics institute’s business functions. Dreamix is excited to be working with them on the Roles project. 

CERN, the European Laboratory for Particle Physics, is one of the leading physics research centres in the world. As such, it requires highly specialized software to help manage complex systems and data. 

The project involves modernizing CERN’s internal role management system. It defines CERN employees’ roles and it is used to control access to locations and to define permissions on multiple electronic processes and systems. 

Dreamix has been tasked with working on the module’s backend functionalities, migrating them to a new tech stack and developing additional features. We will also be implementing its UX/UI designs and creating a user-friendly internal dashboard interface. 

Our team works closely with the Business Computing Group, receiving design and development tasks and specifications – which we then transform into functional access management solutions. 

As a custom software development provider, we take pride in delivering solutions tailored to our partners’ needs and internal processes. This partnership allows us to showcase our expertise in developing, implementing, and maintaining enterprise-grade software applications. 

At Dreamix, we’re honored to be part of this project, providing value to an organization that has been making groundbreaking scientific advances for decades. And we’re looking forward to a successful, mutually beneficial collaboration. 

Dilyan Dimitrov

A reader who loves writing, a marketer who loves tech, a nerd who loves sports. Dilyan, our resident writer, half-jokes that his days are filled with everything you can think of - except free time. He joined our team several years into his copywriting career - and he seems to feel at home here. Because, as he puts it, “there’s always cake at the office”.  If he doesn’t have his nose buried in a book, you can typically find Dilyan writing his latest piece, tinkering with his PC, or off swimming/cycling somewhere.

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