Software Development in Eastern Europe in 2022

Software Development in Eastern Europe in 2022

For over a decade, software development in Eastern Europe has become a popular attraction for outsourcing projects to most Western companies. Eastern European developers have proven themselves with strong technical skills and logical thinking. More and more western companies establish headquarters in countries like Bulgaria, Romania and Ukraine for outsourcing, understandably so. There is a significant difference in prices, salaries and probably the most important thing – scalability. 

Eastern Europe gives them the chance to grow, expand and find new customers with ease. It is even more lucrative than outsourcing in South Asian countries. So if you are a CEO of a company looking for quality improvement in your software development process, finding the perfect outsourcing company in Eastern Europe with proper rates and experts might be the right choice.

Below, we will focus on the most important aspects of software development in Eastern Europe in 2022. 

Cooperation with western countries and cultural similarities

Without a doubt, it is easier to do business with a person with a similar way of thinking and living. A major advantage of outsourcing software development in Eastern Europe is the cultural proximity and desire for improvement. This is primarily defined by the West’s influence throughout the last two decades.

Hundreds of Western companies have already established their business etiquette here, making cooperation and business deals smooth and easier than ever.

Easter European developers understand the business pressure of Western clients. And because of that, they are very committed to their tasks and deadlines by giving the best performance and transparency. For every single client, transparency in communication and quality of work is a must. And so, for the last decade, Eastern European software developers have built a reputation as very reliable professionals, no matter how complicated projects get.

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Different languages proficiency

One cannot do business in a country with a language barrier. Without a doubt, proficiency in many languages is a vital factor for competitiveness in the software outsourcing market. Most Eastern countries have intermediate to proficient levels of English and other Western languages. It is very different from the past when the second language of Eastern countries was Russian. Now more and more people speak English, French and German, which makes hiring tech workers easier. No less than 70% of IT workers in Ukraine and Bulgaria have an intermediate level of English.

Top IT resources

For the last decade, Eastern Europe has become the mecca of top programmers, with over 1 million developers and a wide range of technical and industrial specialisations in every region. In many countries in Eastern Europe, kids learn programming languages and technical science at a young age. There are also many private academies with intense courses where people can enrol and become a programmer. Many people see big opportunities in the IT sector, so the number of people working in the software industry is constantly growing. It is just like the opposite of the Western countries and the US. The number of people in IT has shrunk over the past few years. Eastern European software companies deliver great results in fields like AI, custom software development, cloud migration and big data architecture. It is almost impossible to not find a niche with zero to no specialists. 

Relatively cheap software development costs

Most of the Western countries and the US offer a large scale of software services but unfortunately at a high price. It is no secret that software development costs are much lower in China and India than in Eastern Europe. However, the latter destination may still be a good saving initiative for Western and US businesses.

It is well known that software development in Eastern Europe will cost a least two or three times less than in most Western countries and US.

Looking at the statistics from all Eastern Europe countries, Poland has the highest development rates.

For example, in Romania, Bulgaria and Ukraine, the hourly rates are usually lower than in Poland, making them more attractive. So it is quite natural for a CEO of a Western or US company to go global and hire comparable talents for as much as almost 50% less than in its own country. Why not invest in your business and hire more developers in order to increase your workforce without a high cost? You can achieve the same and, most of the time, even better results at a lower price. 

Very acceptable time zone

It is almost impossible to lead a successful business when there is no daily real-time interaction with your software developers. That is why timezone makes it harder for entrepreneurs to outsource to different countries far away from their own. Sooner or later, Western and US companies admit that a time overlap is a harsh problem. And it is one of the most important factors that have to be considered when choosing a software outsourcing company. Considering that, Eastern European countries are preferred outsourcing destinations. The region is well suitable for business cooperation with West Europe and even with North America and Australia. Of course, there are some obstacles, but still, and numerous businesses are still booming.

Strong critical thinking and analytical skills

From a historical perspective, Slavic culture is famous for its strong roots and critical thinking. That is why Slavic people have survived throughout decades of harsh times and proven themselves as loyal and brave. That is why if entrepreneurs want to succeed, they need to have people with critical and analytical thinking in order to observe the real situation far better. Naturally, this leads to established strategic cooperation and process management rather than just taking orders. If you combine it with a high-quality technical education, you will not only have significant cost cuts but also impressive performance. This leads to successful realisations of your business ideas and perspectives.

In a Nutshell

Software development in Eastern Europe is one of the best attractions for foreign Western and US investors and entrepreneurs. That is not only because of the relatively cheap costs but also for their high quality and professional dedication. Of course, even the most experienced IT company that has many projects behind its back will have room for different kinds of improvements. But there is no doubt that Eastern European developers are one of the best. Even though there is a boom in every aspect of software development and technical spheres, European software development still hasn’t reached its pinnacle. In the near future, will even become significantly better with more and more investors to come.

Lachezar Peshterliev

Junior Software Engineer at Dreamix

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