Sun, Sand, and Synergy: Dreamix Summer Office 2023

Sun, Sand, and Synergy: Dreamix Summer Office 2023

September 15, 2023
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To be a team player is one of the foundational values we hold dear at Dreamix, and we make a dedicated effort to live by this principle each day. 

Our team-building events go beyond just a chance to relax and bond; they truly represent what Dreamix stands for at its core. This article offers a glimpse into the heart of Dreamix, where teamwork isn’t just a buzzword – it’s a real-life testament to our dedication to growing together, fostering unity, and striving for excellence as a collective.

Our company’s commitment to teamwork shines brilliantly through our annual team-building tradition. Every year, we mark the company’s birthday by organizing various team-building events at picturesque locales along the Bulgarian coastline, where we come together for an entire weekend. In addition, for the past seven years, we’ve embraced the concept of a “Summer Office”: a week of intensive work at a seaside office space just before the highly anticipated team-building weekend.

Year after year, the challenge of finding the perfect location to serve as our temporary office space presents itself. This year, our gracious hosts were none other than Campus 90 in Varna, the largest city nestled along the Black Sea coast of Bulgaria. Campus 90, a state-of-the-art coworking space, not only offered us comfort but also fostered a creative work environment, catering to all our needs.

Our dedicated remote team based in Varna played an integral role in shaping our overall experience this year. Our colleagues went the extra mile to show us the very best the city has to offer, making sure everyone who joined us for the week had an unforgettable time.

Following a week brimming with engaging activities, we set off for Kranevo, a charming town situated in the Varna region.

Naturally, we commenced our team-building adventure on Friday evening with an opening party. We had all been looking forward to this moment, and it didn’t disappoint. There was lively music playing, refreshing drinks, and a sense of togetherness that really set the tone for the entire event. It was a fantastic way to kick off a full weekend of bonding activities.

The party concluded in the celebration of July morning. In this popular Bulgarian tradition, people gather on the beach to witness the sunrise on July 1st. We simply had to partake:

The next day was a day of action, as we delved into the heart of our team-building agenda. We divided ourselves into multiple teams and had a series of sea-themed games and friendly competitions, combining creative and athletic challenges – from designing pirate flags to making vessels and braving the seas.

The final day was one of leisure, as we laid back and enjoyed the beauty of the Black Sea. It was a time of well-deserved rest after a dynamic weekend of laughter, challenges, and memorable moments. As everyone headed off to rest, there was only one thing left to do – start planning this year’s winter adventure.

Anna Cholakova

Community manager at Dreamix

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