Cascade LOVs For Required Fields

Cascade LOVs For Required Fields

August 18, 2015
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Sometimes we need to create a “cascade list of values”. This is the situation when the value of one LOV is a view criteria attribute for the next LOV. This works fine when we add autoSubmit=”true” to the first LOV and partialTrigger to the second but…

This Does Not Work

.. when the fields are required in the JSFF because the screen validation runs before the business component’s rules.

How We Can Solve This?

My way is to add autoSubmits and partialTriggers but(!!!) the required attribute to be “true” only for the master field. Here is the example:


pic 12

pic 22

pic 33

All others must be an EL Expression from the type
required=”#{bindings.MasterField.inputValue != null and bindings.MasterField.inputValue != ”}”

Inspired by:


What would be your approach? Share your experience and questions in the comments below.

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