Companies That Choose Software Development Outsourcing in 2021

Companies That Choose Software Development Outsourcing in 2021

March 23, 2021

In our fast-paced and continuously changing world, the better your software product is and the faster it gets to market, the higher chances of success it has. When you decide to outsource software development to an external service provider, the first and most important step it to find suitable and reliable partners with technical expertise and industry-related knowledge.

Some companies outsource an entire project to their outsourcing partner, while others prefer to delegate individual services, or even split those between different vendors. In any case, it is worth taking a look at the advantages of a full contract. For example, clients can send a well-rehearsed team into the race. Team members pass the information on to one another better than competitors who do not want to give each other an advantage. In this way, development progresses quickly, which can save companies money and valuable TTM (time to market).

Perhaps the most considerable reason why custom software development outsourcing is such a famous phenomenon is that globalisation provides companies with access to a great variety of diverse technical talents from around the world. Combined with factors such as cost-efficiency, standardised process practices, risk mitigation, and flexibility, it is not surprising that major global companies choose to outsource their software development in 2021. Let’s see some examples below:

SBB (Swiss Federal Railways)

Since the last year 2020, the SBB, in German “Schweizerische Bundesbahnen”, has its software development outsourced and operated in Germany. A corresponding major order and contract have been assigned to T-Systems (Deutsche Telekom). As the IT service provider reports, the contract runs for ten years. The order volume is around 180 million Swiss francs. Among other things, the German telecommunication company will be responsible for web and cloud applications development, mobile apps, and the geographical information systems of SBB.

Ford Motor Company (FMC)

Ford Motor Company is a huge American player in the automotive industry. More than 20 years ago, FMC chose offshore outsourcing and, up to this date, delegates its custom software development as well as IT and customer support to Indian firms. It all started with individual business processes, e.g. accounting. After being satisfied with the result, FMC decided to outsource software development and establish a centre to manage its bespoke e-commerce solutions.


The famous European-based food delivery service and marketplace Foodpanda has partnered with a Swiss software development company to launch its new website for vendor management in Bangladesh. The fully functional website went live on 5th January 2021.

The new website plays the role of a facilitator for various management-related activities between partners. Website users can find helpful video tutorials that delve into guidelines specific to the food industry and business process solutions such as invoicing and menu sections. Moreover, there is a section that keeps you up with the latest Foodpanda updates about innovative features that interested prospective partners will find useful.

Rakuten Viber

The telecommunication mobile + desktop application is an example of multinational IT cooperation. The company that is most famous on the Eastern European market, Middle East, and in some Asian regions relies on partnership with a US software development company to design and develop features of the mobile app.

Originally developed by Israeli developers and in 2014 bought by the Japanese firm Rakuten, the company now has offices all around the world, including Bulgaria, Singapore, Philippines, etc. The technologies used for the Viber desktop app are C++, Qt, Visual Studio, and WebRTC. For the mobile version, the software development team used Java for the Android app and Objective-C for iOS. In 2021 the instant messaging app continues to develop new features and outsource its development.


Revolut is an English FinTech (financial technology) Start-Up that essentially represents a digital banking alternative linked with a phone number with instant money transfer, investment and instant trading options. The company currently supports ATM issues and withdrawals in 120 currencies, including 26 currencies directly from the mobile app.

The digital product is also called Revolut app offers a prepaid credit card (MasterCard or VISA), currency exchange, crypto currency exchange from and to Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC) and Peer-to-Peer instant payments. With its rapid expansion on new markets such as the USA and Japan, the company relies more and more on outsourcing parts of its software development and some business processes.

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