How to write a blog – Essential Design elements

How to write a blog – Essential Design elements

March 12, 2014
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    One of the realities of writing content for the web is that people don’t stay on any page for very long. Before writing a blog for first time many of us ask the question “How should I write a blog post”, so this blog will help you to understand the most essential rules you have to observe when you start to write a blog. Most popular blogs have a number of blog design elements in common. Read on to learn of the most important blog design elements your blog must have in order to have a chance at success!

1)     Pay Attention to Titles

The first thing your visitors will notice are your blog post titles. While it’s great to use clever titles sometimes, make sure you have enough clear and concise titles, so visitors don’t have to search very far to know what your blog posts are about.

2)     Readable Text

Your blog design must be easy to read. That means the fonts you choose should be large enough to be read on high resolution monitors, and they should be simple enough to be legible. In other words, don’t choose a highly stylized font. You can use for example Georgia or Verdana or another Web-friendly font. Also, make sure the text on your blog is easy to scan quickly.

3)     Use Headings and Make Lists

Using the “heading” formatting options in your blog post editor not only makes your content scannable because it breaks it into smaller pieces with clear headlines for each section, but search engines also weigh text published using a “heading” format heavier than non-formatted text. Make your headings relevant, clear and search engine friendly. Bulleted and numbered lists work equally well in turning text that could be published as long paragraphs into easily scannable content. Use lists whenever you can to break up long blocks of text.

4)     Inviting colors

Don’t select colors in your blog design that are blinding or so light that it’s difficult for visitors to read the text or even look at your blog for more than a few seconds. The easiest colors for people to read online are light backgrounds (white is best) with dark text and images (such as black, dark blue, dark green, and so on).

5)     Easy Navigation

Make it easy for visitors to find your content. Don’t hinder their visit by using interstitial ads or splash pages. In other words, don’t give them a chance to click away from your blog when they land on it.

6)     Contact Form and Social Links

The best bloggers build relationships with their readers, and part of that is making it easy for your readers to connect with you, share information, and get to know you. Make it easy for them to communicate with you by providing a contact form or a link to email you, so you can talk off of your blog. Furthermore, be sure to include links to your social networking profiles such as your Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn profiles to continue building relationships off of your blog.

7)     Useful Footer

Don’t forget your footer when you create your blog. When people can’t find what they’re looking for on a Web site, they often scroll to the footer to find site-wide links such as a contact link, site map link, and so on. Take some time to include useful links and information in your blog’s footer, and make sure the footer appears at the bottom of all of your blog pages.

8)     Subscription Links

Don’t forget to include a link and button above the fold on your blog for people to subscribe to your blog’s RSS feed. Subscribers often turn into your most loyal readers. Make it easy for everyone who visits your blog to subscribe.

9)     Silence

As tempting as it might be, don’t use music on your blog. If you must include music, allow visitors to turn it on only if they want. Do not have music automatically play when someone visits your blog. While music can enhance a blog, it is more often thought of negatively.

10) Search Function

Make it easy for visitors to find related content, specific content, andarchived content on your blog by including a search box in your blog’s sidebar or header.


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