LOV on a primary key| Error JBO­34014

LOV on a primary key| Error JBO­34014

September 8, 2015
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I had to create UI forms for borrowers where their count is variable. The user enters a number in a field and the UI forms are displaying on the screen. Each form is a representation of a View Object which is made with a custom query on the table dual. I have used af:iterator to realize this functionality. Everything looked fine until I got this exception:


2015-09-08 16_32_19-Средиземноморците - Боби, Вили, Ицо, Стефи, Теодор, Тошко - Google Docs

 and the log from console:

This exception happened on a af:inputComboboxListOfValues component from the borrower’s form. After a short research I found that this field is a primary key in my view object and if I make it not a primary key, the error disappears. This made me research more and make this blog. The final results of my short research are:


  • Never use a primary key as updateable column in af:table or as updateable field in af:iterator. If you have to use it then remove the primary key from the Entity/View Object or change it.


  • ­ Avoid LOV (List of Values) on a primary key.


Do you have a better solution? During my research, I found this useful post from the Ashish Awasthi`s blog: Target Unreachable -identifier ‘row’ resolved to null ADF_FACES-60097- Oracle ADF. Have other difficulties with LOVs. This one may also come in handy: Cascade LOVs For Required Fields.

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