Secure Clinical Trials Communication Solution

Secure Clinical Trials Communication Solution

Contemporary clinical trials are complex procedures. Just think about the multiple stages from preclinical research, assessment and design structure to actual trials and data analysis afterward before the final medicament or new treatment approval. Many factors need to be considered to obtain feasible results that can flow into reliable medical statistics, which on the other hand, accumulate new knowledge. And what new knowledge does is to give us the power to drive progress forward.

A major consideration during all vital clinical phases is the underlying security aspect. Ethical, as well as privacy-related issues, may develop at each stage of a clinical trial. Although healthcare is one of the most regulated industries in the world, data security and privacy still remains a challenge for some research teams.

The Value of Privacy During Clinical Trials

Prior to conducting the clinical trial, research teams should go to their database because it is often a source for finding the highest-quality and least-expensive participants. Many potential clinical research participants for new drugs or new treatment options are hesitant to enroll in the procedure exactly because of privacy concerns. Before a clinical trial is launched, recruiting participants and familiarising them with all privacy policies and standard guidelines that will be followed is a crucial step.
Some clinical trials last only a couple of months, while other projects can continue for years. Thus, it is increasingly important to secure effective communication between all stakeholders involved in sharing clinical data. These may include various groups with different interests and responsibilities such as participants, medical providers, funders, regulating agencies, research institutions or universities, and others. To ensure successful trials, clinical researchers need to be able to rely on a stable and trustworthy online platform that takes proper care of privacy and confidentiality.

A Modular Communication Tool To Support Clinical Trials

Inspired by the fast-paced world we live in and the in-demand healthcare software solutions, Dreamix and Pryv developed an OEM modular white-label communication tool that is easily integrable with in-house legacy software and hardware. The solution aims to assist teams during clinical trials and provide instant data transfer options according to the highest privacy protection regulations such as GDPR, HIPAA, Swiss DPA, etc. The privacy protection solution is developed with the privacy-by-design approach which puts a strong emphasis on privacy as a fundamental organisational priority that has to be automated and implemented by the whole system from day one.

All professionals involved in a clinical trial share a mutual responsibility for its outcomes and to achieve reliable results, smoothless and secure communication is necessary. Safe digital information transfer lies at the heart of all respectful clinical research and must be protected from the start. Modern communication technologies provide much-needed privacy compliance that is automated so that professionals can concentrate on their core work tasks without ever having second thoughts about data security.

The Modular Communication Solution Guarantees That:

  • It keeps clinical data well-organised ready for instant transfer in accordance with the highest security standards.
  • Communication between teams is not only kept up to date, but sensitive personal data is also preserved thanks to the embedded consent management.
  • Both healthcare clinicians and patients are delighted with an easy to modify and friendly user interface with the option to customise the elements that you need for your specific project.
  • It enables researchers fast navigation through the unique patient’s EHR with individual essential health information digitally stored and conveniently accessible at any time.
  • It complies with the participant’s desire to withdraw from a trial and permanently delete their personal data record without privacy data concerns.
  • Patients are allowed instant and seamless online access to current clinical trial status, and their explicit data protection consent is respected.

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