Solving the health and financial crisis through digital business

Solving the health and financial crisis through digital business

March 16, 2020

This is a long article targeting digital entrepreneurs that do not get desperate in hard times. Just the opposite – they get motivated to solve the pressing problems we face as humanity.

We’re entering the new financial crisis – Wallstreet received its worst hit since 1987. And if we repeat the 2008 scenario, this time it will be worse – paired with a global health crisis. The Corona has forced major airlines, hospitality businesses and local businesses to break down. Offices are getting empty and all major conferences are cancelled. Cinemas and theatres are empty. It seems like a dead-end zone.

Every entrepreneur knows that in such times there are tremendous challenges, but also tremendous opportunities. In the last few days, I received tons of requests for digital platforms that handle most of the problems we have. They are all in 3 main areas: healthcare, digital communication and broadcasting businesses. In the end, I’ll share how Machine Learning/AI decision systems can solve some of the big issues in pharmaceuticals.


With full hospitals and clinics, it is not wise to go directly to the doctor and wait in front of the full cabinet. Instead, a remote diagnosis can be established by:

  1. IoT Diagnosing devices – NuvoAir is an internet-powered device that measures your breathing patterns and lung functions. You can use the device to breathe through it and the statistics will be sent directly to your screening doctor. The software detects patterns of lung dysfunction and suggests a relevant diagnosis. The doctor can validate it and prescribe treatment.
  2. Video diagnosis system – such systems are not new – everybody is using video conferencing these days. However, doctors have way too much work to do diagnosing. So they don’t have time to do the billing, issue invoices, write an email with prescriptions, etc.Here in Dreamix, we have developed automated solutions for a similar case. We can customize it for your case and it can tackle billing with credit cards, schedules meetings via calendars and send prescriptions on the patient mobile device. If you want such a solution, get in touch with us.
  3. Case management for healthcare – most doctors and clinics are still in the paper world. The problem is you don’t have a centralized system where you keep track of patient history and how effective the treatment was. Such a system can enable collaboration between doctors, thus more effective treatment.
  4. E-learning system for doctors and medical experts – with the fast evolution of diseases, we need to react fast and bring specialists up to speed. Livresq is an example of synch a system and they even provide the COVID-19 Disease – Prevention and Actions course for free!


Order management system

The pharmaceutical industry is booming right now. In the last 2 weeks, my phone has been ringing – people are asking me if we can implement systems to streamline critical processes in pharma – especially in supply chain and deliveries. Pharmaceutical orders are getting out of control. Companies cannot cope with the large demand and they are overloaded with inquiries from all their channels – phones, emails, forms on the websites.

Now is the right time to enter the market with a software system that serves as an online order management system. The system can be automated to dispatch the orders to 3rd parties or fulfils them internally.

Pharmaceuticals warehouse management and supply chain

Imagine you have a warehouse for pharmaceuticals and medical devices. There is high demand for certain items, but you find out you’ve run out of them. It seems that in the big hassle your warehouse manager has forgotten to restock!

Here comes a smart warehousing solution that can harness the power of machine learning. The solution can forecast the demand and automatically send order requests to manufacturers or wholesale dealers.

Marketing in pharma and healthcare

There are many treatments on the market that are effective, but not well known. Many people don’t know which immunostimulants are the best for the current situation. Thus their preventive treatment is ineffective.

Here in Dreamix, we’re working with pharma marketing companies. Together with them, we create products that support the rollout of new products on the market. This makes the marketing efforts more effective and people in need know about the specific products that can solve their problems.

If you are a company, industry expert or an entrepreneur in healthcare, pharma or healthcare we can work together to create new custom software solutions and digital products that solve the challenges we face today.

Todor Gigilev

Having entrepreneurial and business knowledge, I am eager to help innovative companies and startups to build their sales strategy and business model, improve their value proposition and design and develop their product. If you want a software project delivered, you can message me and I will make sure to do my best to propose the best solution. My main expertise is in the Oracle Fusion Middleware stack - I have been heavily involved in actual development, consulting and delivery of Webcenter, ADF, SOA Suite, BPM and Java EE solutions.

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