The Curious Case of user Oracle WebLogic Server

The Curious Case of user Oracle WebLogic Server

February 3, 2015

The Case

Have you ever had the problem that you can not login in http://<host>:7001/console as weblogic  user, no matter you did it a hundred times before?

The application keeps refusing your login, no matter your user/password are correct? The following annoying exception appears:


User: webogic, failed to be authenticated.


Not too helpful, since you know that your credentials are valid.

The Study

You will find several articles like this one:

Basically, they suggest deleting files and restarting managed server. I`m pretty sure they will help.

But  I was convinced that there is more simple way.

I also was toо lazy at that point to do a difficult solution.

The Inspiration

Since I knew my credentials are correct I did not want to delete files, restart servers and so on. I suspected something got corrupted for weblogic user.

One of my initial thoughts was that weblogic simply got locked.

This link gave me the inspiration I needed:


The Execution

Initially, I had some difficulties finding the Security screen and this is why I will add a couple of screenshots.

picture 1


Go to Security. Go to Unlock User.

Type ‘weblogic’ 

Picture 2 

Hit Save. The Magic happened.

Useful references


Do you have other solution – share it in the comment below!

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