The power of a community behind tech projects

The power of a community behind tech projects

June 9, 2020
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Technology can solve issues or at the very least, assist people with the way they perform their daily tasks. And right now, we need all the help that we can get. Developing applications and automatized practices for vital systems can save lives in the COVID-19 fight. While currently, most countries have relieved the quarantine restrictions, the risk is still prominent so we still need to be careful and support each other.

Experience shows that there are many ways to help those on the front lines, as well as people in general. For example, developing a tracking system for medical equipment available or finding ways to assist senior citizens who may have a harder time taking care of themselves. Or even digitizing sales practices for smaller businesses, to help families keep their livelihood. Any effort that can make a difference is worth it – the need is there.

The power of the people

People as individuals have a lot to offer, each with their own skill-set and experience. However, if met with the right group of driven professionals, the things we can achieve together are beyond measure. To be able to rely on a network of experts, there is a need for us to have a community mindset and to make a conscious effort to connect with others.

We can do that by cultivating the belief that we are a part of a community bigger than ourselves. We build long-lasting relationships with specialists, entrepreneurs, enthusiasts and prodigies in every industry. Aside from sharing their expertise on demand for projects, cultivating those contacts serves as a bridge to give back to humanity in times such as now, where being part of a group of inspired and inspiring people can make all the difference.

The challenges of Software development

In terms of project development beyond unusual circumstances, crisis or not, to create, produce, legalize, market and keep a project running takes a lot of work. It demands the use of a mix of technologies, as well as relying on humanitarian and administrative input. That being said, a company can only employ so many people and is limited to their specific skill set and the general pre-determined scope of services they can provide.

From my experience working with a company that develops healthcare and pharma software, making sure an organization has the workforce to carry out the project is a challenge in its own right. It could mean that the company would not be able to take on a considerable part of potential projects. Or if the opportunity arises to work on a project with more complex demands, the delivery process could be inhibited in certain ways – resulting in being unable to meet the deadlines or budget.

Developers perform best when they focus on their respective niche – maximising the efficiency of their efforts. Therefore, branching out using different technologies would demand more time to execute projects due to research and testing. Another possible outcome would be to drive up production costs by employing consulting services, to fill in the gaps, for the sake of meeting the client’s deadlines.

Is it possible to trust your development partner company, be cost-effective, and get to work with the best specialists, that would benefit the project?

How having a community assists in project execution

In just a week, Power of BG (an NGO in Bulgaria which gathers the most gifted entrepreneurs in the area) was able to put together “Hack the Crisis” Bulgaria. The event had a simple goal – connect people and unleash their experience to come up with solutions to issues affecting the community.

The initiator and driving force to make the event happen came from our CEO, Todor Gigilev. Additionally, the hackathon was only possible due to his deep-rooted connections to entrepreneur communities. The results of the weekend-long event were staggering and humbling as to how much we can achieve if we think as a team for the sake of our society.

The way the event was designed, was to have three main categories for projects: save lives, save businesses and save communities. Everyone who wanted to contribute to a project could either join in with a team of their own or be assigned one. Every team could pitch their project ideas in the category they choose and then had 48 hours to develop it further with access to a highly experienced mentor provided by the organization.

How the event unfolded

Just one event brought together 850 specialists from different fields! All people who will be able to take on more diverse projects thanks to their contacts and be more ambitious with tackling more impactful and more significant projects in the future with this experience under their belt.

The event resulted in 111 viable projects, some of which will be carried out and play a role in fighting the crisis with the support of financial backing and mentorship. We are proud that our colleagues formed a team of our own. Yavor, Dimitar, Nedko and Georgi Yanev were some of the people who took charge in the project.

They developed software that can track the available medical supplies, their location, current use as well as broadcast what equipment is limited and in a dire need of new influx. The latter service has been a factor in the way donations are distributed and delivered to the hospitals and the rate at which they can assist medical personnel.

The power of being well-connected into the community pays off in many ways. For one, it gives way to quicker and more efficient project development. But beyond that, it can lead to more interesting, unique and valuable projects when developed by passionate people with diverse backgrounds and expertise. Being able to be a part of this community and rely on its members is what makes a software development company like Dreamix unique. It allows us to onboard highly experienced passionate people to the project while being not only up to par to the highest industry standards but also meets our client’s deadlines.

Give back to the community: Going beyond donations and offering solutions

In just a few short months of 2020, we encountered challenges that are far more difficult than what we have been exposed to for a long time – all at once. While the impact of COVID-19 on businesses, industries, employees and service providers is undeniable, the crisis goes deeper into our lives on a human level. With the fear of life-threatening consequences, the need for people to step up and give back to the community is imperative.

The importance of business continuity and project execution is imperative. It is also worth acknowledging that maintaining the software industry and offering solutions to pressing problems, in times such as this, can be a powerful tool for the community.

Whether it is in the form of funding for those creating and supporting innovative solutions that can help save lives or improve the quality of lives for those who need it. Or introducing software that assists those who need it technology is a tool that will play a big role in how we battle the COVID-19 virus.

Do you believe in the power of community? Do you believe in the way technology can help communities if driven by people for the people?

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