Migration to 12c for ADF SOA application from – part 2

Migration to 12c for ADF SOA application from – part 2

In this blog you will learn how to create and configure local environments for the process of migration to 12c. You can also read Migration to 12c for ADF SOA application from – part 1

I. How to install Oracle BPM Studio 12c

1.Prerequisites:Need to have jdk 1.8

2.1. Download Oracle BPM Suite 12c version from here:

migration to 12 c

2.2. Unzip all 2 archives in one directory:

For example:

2.3. Open cmd like Administrator in your local Java installation directory and run:

C:\Oracle\Java\jdk1.8.0_101\bin\java.exe -jar (full path)/fmw_12.

3. JDev BPM studio tuning:
(See Tune your JDeveloper 12c (12.1.3))

Step 1: Configure JVM settings in jdev.conf

Step 2: Configure Jdeveloper memory settings in ide.conf

Step 3: Disable “Build After Save”
Follow this link

Step 4: Integrate jad decompiler in JDeveloper
Add at the end of jdev.conf file:

II. Create and configure Integrated WebLogic

1.Start JDeveloper 12c and create integrated weblogic server:

migration to 12 c

Following wizard set
1. Name
2. Username and password for admin account
3. WebLogic

Host : localhost
Port : 7101 (SSL port is not used but need to set)
Domain name

2. Configure Integrated WebLogic:

2.1. Setup Default Server

Run Integrated WL from JDeveloper
Open http://localhost:7101/console
Navigate to Environment –> Severs
–> Choose Default Server:
migration to 12 c

Set “Listen Address:” to localhost
Uncheck “SSL Listen Port Enabled”

2.2. Add needed credentials in cred store (get them from previous 11g environment)

2.3. Configure PolicyStore

2.4. Create data sources

2.5. Create alsb-system-user in WL console in Administrators Role

“alsb-system-user” is created automatically when you set up WL server. Go to WLS console -> Security Realms -> myrealm -> Users and Groups tab -> Users tab

and check if it is created. If you see alsb-system-user in the table you are ready with this step.

2.6. Setup DbAdapter

Navigate to Deployments -> DbAdapter

migration to 12 c

Click on DbAdapter and go to:

–> Configuration –> Outbound connection pools:
for –> javax.resource.cci.ConnectionFactory  –  click +
And set up your DbAdapter (like in 11g environment)

2.7. Setup  “Protected Flex Fields” in BPM  (like in 11g environment)

2.8. Setup LDAP (if need)

In case of need to use ‘virtualize’ in order to use DefaultAutentication provider and external authentication providers you have to apply the following patch

Stop IntegratedWL.

in the $DOMAIN_HOME/config/fmwconfig/jps-config.xml to make it look like this (the new lines are displayed in bold font):

where “ad” is the name of the AD identity provider you created in WLS console. In other words, the name of the service instance must match the name specified in the $DOMAIN_HOME/config/config.xml file:

Then, in the $DOMAIN_HOME/config/fmwconfig/ovd/default/adapters.os_xml file in the section for LDAP provider (easy to be found by provider name), add the cn to sAMAccountName mapping like so:

Finally Start IntegratedWL. 

I’m curious to learn about your experience on the topic, so do not hesitate to share your opinion in the comments section below.


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