Migration to 12c for ADF SOA application from – part 1

Migration to 12c for ADF SOA application from – part 1

Migration to 12c for applications released with Oracle stack is important when we talk about application maintenance especially if there is need to be up to date with new features (like Java version, ADF framework, new SOA features and so on) and support and improving applications for end client. In this blog I will show you how to migrate ADF SOA application from to 12c.

This blog is the first of several in which I will share the steps our Java development company follows in the process of migration to 12c for our ADF + SOA application from version to 12c (

First of all, before starting the migration to 12c, it is recommended to make a good research about the possible ways for migration. You should also carefully read Oracle documentation about differences between and 12c and about prerequisites for 12c.

There are some very important prerequisites that you need to have in mind before migration to 12c because after it some things are impossible or very hard to fix.

Based on research made by our Java development company we found the following prerequisites for 12c:

  1. Can only upgrade a domain that is or Migrate to a supported starting point before upgrade.
  2. Can only upgrade a deployment using a 64 bit JVM. Migrate to 64 bit JVM before upgrade.
  3. Can only upgrade a production domain not using XE DB and is not an admin server only domain.
  4. Can only upgrade a domain using LDAP or DB OPSS policy store. Migrate file based policy store to DB or LDAP based policy store before upgrade.
  5. Can only upgrade a domain using a Oracle DB of a version supported by the SOA Suite 12c certification matrix. Migrate to a supported DB version before upgrade.
  6. Can only upgrade a domain based on weblogic server.
  7. Can only upgrade a domain at this time with products deployed that were released in 12c. Example of not released products are OER, OSR, Webcenter, and SOA task UI exposed as portlets (which uses webcenter libraries).
  8. Cannot upgrade a domain at this time created with T2P or pack/unpack before SOA Suite
  9. Cannot upgrade a domain at this time with multiple products in 12c in separate unclustered managed servers using UMS. Examples are BAM, OSB and SOA. The reason is because after upgrade UMS configuration is at the domain level or the cluster level, but not at a unclustered managed server level.
  10. For 12.2.X.X Only JDK 8 is supported.

For more information you can read:


Best Practices for SOA Suite 11g to 12c Upgrade By Jay Kasi

Check Part 2 of Migration to 12c for ADF SOA application from, in which I will share with you:

  1. How to Install Oracle SOA (BPM) Studio 12c
  2. How to create and configure WebLogic 12c environment.
  3. The steps that we followed on process of migrating our SOA ADF application

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