News from Dreamix! #dreamnews 02.06.2016

News from Dreamix! #dreamnews 02.06.2016

June 2, 2016

News from Dreamix 02.06.2016

  •  The “Which one is better: Java or Scala?” discussion has been around since time immemorial.  The time has come to curb it by exploring the facts and stating the obvious. “It was love at first sight,” some developers say about their relationship with Scala but the romance ended once Java 8 came into being.  Read more 
  • Learning from mistakes and never repeating them is great, but why make mistakes? In this article you will learn how to avoid mistakes when testing an app. Developing the perfect app is not a complex process, but getting it right is the important thing here. There is one good reason why blunders should be avoided: failing to meet a client’s expectations and disappointing users will send you right into oblivion. Read more…
  • Facebook has developed a new AI called DeepText that it claims can understand what people are writing about with “near-human accuracy.” Oh, and it can do that several thousand times per second in over 20 languages. DeepText was announced in a blog post today, with Facebook engineers explaining how it works and how it’s rolling out. The new AI is ultimately meant to let Facebook understand any writing that it comes across. Read More…
  • Tech Turns to Biology as Data Storage Needs Explode. Interest by Microsoft and others in DNA–based storage could deliver post-silicon electronic memory within a decade. Researchers have decoded the genomes of mammoths and a 700,000-year-old horse using DNA fragments extracted from fossils in the past few years. DNA clearly persists far longer than the bodies for which it carries the genetic codes. Read more…
  • Второто издание на 2doIT ще се състои на 25 и 26 октомври 2016 г. и в рамките на два дни ще представи пред международна ИТ публика, събрана в София, един от най-актуалните световни софтуерни конферентни формати. След Дъблин, Стокхолм и Франкфурт, София е четвъртия европейски домакин на ITARCконференция за 2016 г. и ще приеме най-мащабното събитие за годината. Read more…

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