News from Dreamix! #dreamnews 09.06.2016

News from Dreamix! #dreamnews 09.06.2016

June 9, 2016

News from Dreamix 09.06.2016

  • Disadvantages of purely functional programming

In this article Dr Jon Harrop, MA, MSci, PhD (Cantab) and director of IDTechEx, explains the disadvantages of purely functional programming. Read more… 

  •  Java Quiz: Using TreeMap in Java

In this quiz you don’t need to calculate the return value of methodB, but you can pass the value, which is x/2 to the methodB first arg. You can find the result by calculating the following simple mathematical formulas. Read more…

  • “From my perspective, Oracle could withdraw from Java EE completely”

In the past few weeks, several members of the Java EE community voiced their concerns about Oracle’s decreasing commitment to finishing Java EE 8. Adam Bien, Java Champion & speaker at the Java Enterprise Summit, is one of them. We talked to him about the future of Java EE. Read More…

  • How To Compete And Win In The New World Of AI

A future in which humanity is subservient to computers and giant corporations was one of the predictions that came out of last week’s Code Conference in LA. This forecast came from one of today’s most forward-thinking entrepreneurs: Elon Musk.  Read more…

  • SQL Server Launch 2016 Discovery Day

На 10 юни в Бизнес център „Земята и хората“ ще се проведе SQL Server Launch 2016 Discovery Day. Събитието се организира от PASS, глобалната общност на SQL Server потребителите по света, и Инспирит, първата и за момента единствена компания на българския ИТ пазар, специализирана в SQL Server Platform. Read more..

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