Silicon Valley approach on user engagement for B2C applications

Silicon Valley approach on user engagement for B2C applications

How important is to aquire, engage, enlist, monetize users, to track their behavior and to support them can be best seen in the Silicon Valley, where entrepreneurs understand that happy and engaged users means success. I’m sharing my experience in embedding and implementing such functionality in the Java web application described in my previous post.


Optimizely is an A/B testing framework for web and mobile apps. A developer can easily integrate it in the front end by creating a snippet through their online tools and add one line of code to the html page to be tested.


Uservoice – feedback and support system that can be easily integrated in a web application.

Users use their existing accounts to submit and rate feedback and new ideas for features directly from the application.


Turns out that Twitter is a very powerful tool for support and feedback. One-click actions, integrated into the application, bring easy of use and support management.


Mixpanel is the every startup ‘must have’ tool for web and mobile analytics. Similar to Google Analytics it helps identifying what users do and want to do.


Mandrill is a powerful way of handling emails within a web application. User can create beautiful templates and integrate them into an application, then send to all app users good looking emails.

Those tools are very essential and lead the development way of the application. Every time we discuss the next set of features we use data from them.

Have you used one of the tools listed above?
What other tools would you recommend for user engagement?

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