Start Your Coding Adventure: Choose a Programming Language

Start Your Coding Adventure: Choose a Programming Language

April 17, 2018
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If you are a rookie in informatics or just wonder ‘If I want to start programming, where should I start from? Which language should I choose? Are there proper books for me?’ then the next paragraphs will be the light in the tunnel for you. They will answer some of your questions and remove plenty of your doubts.

First, let’s begin with something it is good to have in mind: logical and rational thinking will always be in your favor when there is a problem in front of you. Mathematical skills will be bonus but don’t be afraid if you are not a master in calculation of triple integrals. You can start with reading books about programming languages. In addition, you can solve logical puzzles and riddles to train your brain to think outside the box when there is a problem which looks unsolvable at first glance.

Now let’s move to the fun part: it is time to start interacting with the computer, applying logical thinking and meeting the big society of programmers. Do we forget something? Yes, we do – we should choose a programming language which will become our ‘first love’. There are a lot of options nowadays which can make it a bit tricky at first. Our approach could be:

● choosing a solid language with history behind it
● following the current trends and being open to new solutions

There are pros and cons in both mentioned above.

When choosing the first you get something that works in most of the cases but can be a bit rusty in some situations. The good news is there will be a lot of documentation and stable community behind it.
When choosing the second you won’t have that stable base, but you will learn trendy technologies and how to deal with dynamic changes in a newborn community and packages.

Let see the most suitable languages to start with:

● C++

C++ is one of the rock stars in the industry. It provides a lot of approved methodologies that can be applied almost everywhere. With this language you can learn how to manage your memory and how to make things more efficient. Yes, there is no garbage collector and can be pain in the ass when you write complex algorithms, but this can train you to think about multiple things at once.


When you ask about the most popular language among the programming community Java is on the top list. Java has been a leader in the enterprise environment and will help you learn object oriented concept at it bests. This language is used in many server-side applications, Android apps, etc. The best part of it: you can run your Java program everywhere, because of the Java virtual machine.

● Python

Nowadays schools and universities prefer Python for their freshmen because of its flexibility and huge field of use. You can’t say that Python is OOP language but you can learn different concepts with this ‘snake’. You don’t have to memorize difficult syntax and you can easily deal with any kind of difficulties.

Additional Advice

Try testing different languages. Sure, learn in details that particular language, that you will use in your daily work, but never stick to only one option. The programming language is just a tool for practicing and learning different basic concepts. In the moment you master them you can switch from one language to another in a nick of time.

Learning a particular language and starting with programming is important, but what is more valuable in my opinion is to understand the general concept of programming. After that switching between different languages will be so fast and easy that you can always apply the latest tech trends in your work.

Georgi Minkov

Java Developer at Dreamix

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