Testing SOAP WebServices with RestAssured

Testing SOAP WebServices with RestAssured

January 19, 2016
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Testing web services? With no UI? Isn’t that a Developers job?

Well… No…

Since 2010, there’s a free open source tool on the testing market which enables you to easily create web service requests and evaluation of responses. Nevertheless, it offers a cool Gherkin-style syntax which makes it even easier to understand and use.

Since it is a free tool then it is only skills that are required to use it. And that would be just basic Java programming knowledge.

Here’s a sample of what a simple RestAssured test would look like:

CreateInvoiceRequest request = new CreateInvoiceRequest();
public void testInvoiceCreation(){



And where outside of it, we have defined the request template which we’re going to use in CreateInvoiceRequest


Here are the results:


That is just one scenario which creates an invoice. Note that the execution time is about 1.5 seconds.

Next stop integrating tests in the build process.


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