Should I consider Node.js for my project: 5 benefits

Should I consider Node.js for my project: 5 benefits

June 21, 2022
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Node.js is a platform and runtime environment for developing standalone JavaScript software programs that run independently of host applications such as web browsers. Among other things, Node.js aims to develop server-side scripts, network tools and web apps. Node.js is both very fast in processing data and easily scalable.

At Dreamix we have more than 15 years of experience in developing custom software applications using various JavaScript frameworks, so we know that the tech stack is of utmost importance when it comes to successful business projects. With server and web browser support, Node.js has evolved to become a popular choice for businesses and companies to deploy and enjoy fast and reliable web applications. Plus, similar to Python and Ruby, Node.js is also a safe choice for real-time web apps with games and chat options because of its event-driven architecture.

Use Cases of Node.js 

While JavaScript finds use cases in the frontend for manipulating the DOM, Node.js comes to shine in the backend (server-side). It receives data, saves it in databases (SQL, MongoDB, …) and delivers the processed data again to the frontend (client-side). Despite the fact that Node.js is primarily used for server programs and network tools, its use cases are not confined to this. Full-screen terminal programs such as the system monitor vtop can be programmed with the help of modules such as node-ncurses or drawille.

Node.js frameworks are a popular choice among developers building a flexible and scalable backend is its event-driven, non-blocking nature. But front-end developers will also clearly see these advantages of Node.js in their own work. Let’s elaborate on why Node.js works for both back-end and front-end:

  • High Reusability
  • JavaScript is a widely used programming language used to write both backend and frontend using frameworks like Express.js and React.js. In Node.js multiple components can also be reused between frontend and backend.

  • Productivity and Efficiency
  • Software developers can achieve higher productivity and coding efficiency by reducing context switching between multiple languages. Using JavaScript for both back-end and front-end results in increased efficiency as many tools are common to both.

  • Large Online Community
  • A thriving online community can sometimes be a decisive factor for the app development speed. If developers are stuck with a problem, chances are someone has already solved it and shared the solution on Stack Overflow. Node.js enjoys a very active and engaged community when it comes to the runtime environment and its packages.
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These are the most essential facts about this JavaScript framework that you should keep in mind:

It has a neat architecture

We’ve already mentioned that Node.js has non-blocking, event-driven and asynchronous architecture. Not all systems and projects are the same, and having the ability to defer blocking operations to the system easily enables you to deal with various use cases. Surely not a silver bullet, but surely a nice tool in a developer’s toolbox.

Node.js is fast

Node is written in C/C++, which makes it very light and efficient. Furthermore, Node.js is highly scalable and quite fast in processing data. One of the reasons for this is that Node.js can work asynchronously and in parallel. The keyword here is non-blocking I/O, because started functions do not have to wait for an action to be completed. Normal Javascript is actually “single-threaded” and processes data sequentially. This leads to only one action being started at a time and the rest of the components waiting.

It can be used for tools and scripting (CLI)

Using JavaScript as a scripting language and also being able to use low-level OS services (files, network, sockets) it’s extremely common and easy to create common tools with it.

Node.js is single-threaded

Being single-threaded means it might consume less memory in specific use cases. As a single-threaded program, the tool offers many options, such as callback methods and event loops to handle multiple concurrent clients. This can help eliminate latency in the server’s processes. An asynchronous event system enables parallel work without having to use complex multi-threading architectures. With Node.js, the calling function is notified of the termination of the process using a callback function. In the meantime, other tasks can be processed simultaneously.

It can run almost anywhere

Yes, Node.js is compatible with and can run on all operating systems and even on Raspberry Pi. The light memory footprint and high computational throughput makes it one of the top preferred technologies for IoT (Internet of Things). It’s also very easy to deploy to almost any server, because of the widespread support and extremely easy installation.

In a nutshell

Node.js is a popular runtime environment for building high-scale applications that need to support multiple concurrent requests. Single-threaded non-blocking I/O makes it an excellent choice for real-time and data-streaming applications (e.g. games, chatbots).

On top of that, Node.js has a huge community of active developers and enjoys the world’s largest open-source package repository, NPM (Node.js’ default package managing ecosystem), with over a million available packages. So now you have a few reasons to choose Node.js for your next software project. Depending on your business idea, trusted and experienced Node.js developers at Dreamix can consult you on the best approach tailored to your individual needs and project requirements.

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