Dreamix Shifts Gears with New CEO Stoyan Mitov

Dreamix Shifts Gears with New CEO Stoyan Mitov

Stoyan Mitov becomes Dreamix’s new CEO and continues a tradition of internal leadership promotion. He is charged with developing the company even further without sacrificing what made it successful – its integrity and culture.

Stoyan has been an integral part of the company’s growth, both on the business and the people side of the operation. Until recently, he was leading the Dreamix Talents & Culture team. During this time, the company achieved a 95% retention rate of talent and in the past couple of years – a 106% growth in headcount.

Stoyan Mitov, Dreamix’s new CEO, has served at Dreamix for the past nine years

New CEO, continuous leadership

Since its foundation, the company has only had board members and department leaders appointed for the CEO role. Both Stoyan and the incumbent CEO, Todor Gigilev, were hired as employees years ago and became shareholders after delivering outstanding results for the company. As one of the co-founders and current COO, Stefan Grigorov, put it in a recent blog conversation, the company insists on eliminating the boundaries between the leadership and all other roles. This allows for adherence to the basic company values and their continuity.

The new CEO’s goals

“Dreamix has climbed another step to maturity”, shares Stoyan. “Thanks to what Todor Gigilev has been able to achieve as a CEO in the past five years, we are now excited to enter a stage in our business that allows us to focus on building a sustainable company strategy in something that we call the Dreamix way: through operational excellence, focusing on building up teams and people with purpose while giving back to the community.”

In the past five years, the company grew 7.5 times in revenue. Stoyan is the 4th CEO among incumbent shareholders of the company. Todor Gigilev remains an integral part of the Dreamix team as Chairman of the Board. 

Dreamix’s Sofia office

About Dreamix

We are a bespoke software development company offering custom end-to-end product development services. Some of our most notable clients are representatives of the aviation, fintech, and health technology industries. A large part of the company’s engineering and administrative operation is based in Bulgaria, with parts of the team distributed internationally throughout Europe and beyond. 

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