How to find the right healthcare IT partner

February 17, 2022
Leaders to Leaders
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“There is a saying that we are data rich, but analysis poor”, says Valeriya Kozareva, Head of Business Development and Strategic Partnerships in one of her most remarkable quotes in this short video interview. In it, she talks about choosing the right IT partner for healthcare projects and what the latest industry trends are. Watch the video on YouTube and listen to the full conversation on our Leaders to Leaders podcast channel.

Technology trends in healthcare

Technology and healthcare go hand in hand. And technology is an inseparable part of driving healthcare forward and helping healthcare have a greater impact on everyone around the world. With the help of telemedicine, you would be able to track your symptoms, discuss new trends or abnormalities in your lifestyle with your practitioner and detect such anomalies prior to them affecting your health.

So it’s a critical point to develop telemedicine further. We have seen the application of AI ranging from robotic surgical systems to virtual medical assistants to applying AI data analysis and predicting consumer behaviour. So AI has been applied in a very large spectrum over in healthcare and it is yet to evolve even further. Cloud computing is another trend, because we have never seen so much data in the history of healthcare being collected.

Predictive analytics is also growing its market share to an expected 29 bln worth by 2027. And analytics are used for various different needs, starting from patients to medical professionals to pharma.

There is a saying that we are data rich, but we are analysis poor and this is maybe the biggest challenge for healthcare.

You have so much data. How do you make sense of it? How do you use it for new academic discoveries, to know your customers better, to optimize your supply chain or connect with your users? How do you use data to create habits in your users?

Last but not least, another trend is to digitalise your supply chain that is applicable especially for pharma companies, pharmacies, wholesalers and actually managing relationships with all companies involved in the healthcare sector.

Working with a trusted healthcare IT partner

Whenever you work with a trusted IT partner like Dreamix you know that the company comes with that experience. And it’s an experience that we have accumulated over 5+ years and also it’s the track record of knowing how to most effectively develop software products and how to maintain them. It’s not something that we are doing for the first time. It’s something that we have the confidence of doing, the confidence in data security around healthcare and the confidence of bringing innovation to healthcare companies.

What to look for when you look for a healthcare IT partner

If you’re looking for a long-term partner that would create an impactful product for you and will help you drive innovation, you need to trust them. And in my opinion, and in our experience, trust is built around three main pillars:

  • Choose field experts – a company that has experience with healthcare.
  • Have a team of critical thinkers, because innovation lies at its core and is based on people that make things differently
  • Communicate openly. Having a team that you enjoy working with, having a team that openly communicates everything: ideas, challenges, resolutions, is important.

Why we chose healthcare

For us, healthcare is an industry where we can make an impact and, frankly, save lives. You see visible results. When we create a telehealth application, we know we’re giving someone in a very remote area the ability to access medical information or speak to a doctor.

If your organisation considers a trusted healthcare IT partner for your project, contact us right away!

Valeriya Kozareva

Business Development and Strategic Partnerships Manager

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