From start-up to success (the different story)

From start-up to success (the different story)

This is a story about startups. A different story.

A story about all you startup founders

AppSumo,, Klout, Branchout, What do they have in common except they are all success stories? Being the same as you – passionate, hard-working, risk takers, they also struggled to find good tech people locally, raising more money and generating new leads. The common is that they all either have hired people who work virtually from home, outsource or nearshore their development. Here you – the startup founder- will say “NO WAY. But AppSumo,, Klout, Branchout, also had the same concerns as you about intellectual property, quality control, focus, communication, tech competence, visibility and agility impediment. However, they also experienced the benefits such as increased efficiency & quality, access to great tech people, faster product release, decreased costs, risk hedging and improved competitive agility.

Answer to your concerns

We at Dreamix can answer your concerns. Bulgaria is an EU member which means common laws and practices, and protection for intellectual theft and fraud. We have a quality assurance department that is making manual & automatic tests. Moreover, everything is done under agile methodologies which help errors to be detected and fixed early in the process. Furthermore, you will be in a constant communication with your team members. I guarantee that the people you work with will be totally focused on your project. Likewise, an account (AM) and project manager (PM) will be in a constant interaction with your team via web tools, calls or even face to face workouts. The AM and PM will keep you informed about the progress of every iteration on a daily basis. Also, project management tools and agile methodologies (SCRUM, Kanban) will help you boost agility and have a full visibility on the entire project. At last but not least, you will interview every person that is assigned to your team allowing you to measure his/her tech abilities.

Why nearshoring

In conclusion, it is way better to hire remote employees, outsource or nearshore than build a bad product or nothing at all if you have a limited budget and not enough tech competence. We love what we do. We can help you.



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