Dreamix at Cebit Hannover| Promoting Software Nearshore Services on IT Fairs

Dreamix at Cebit Hannover| Promoting Software Nearshore Services on IT Fairs

Dreamix Group on CeBit Hannover 2014

Dreamix Group, represented by me and my colleague Todor, was exhibiting on CeBit Hannover this year. We were there 5 days, then I visited Berlin for 4 more days.

In the article, I’ll write about what we did before, during and after the business trip with some tips, advice, and conclusions on how to be more successful on generating leads and selling software services when organizing a business mission.

Cebit Hannover

Cebit Hannover is one of the biggest IT events in Europe with more than 3000 exhibitors, 210,000 visitors, 300 startups, Steve Wozniak speaking and more.

The main topics were Datability (Big Data, etc), Wearable gadgets, Mobile, Startups.

What was interesting for us was:

  • Hall 5 and 6 with companies specialized in Business Intelligence, ERP, CRM, Open Source, etc
  • Hall 7 – eGovernment
  • Hall 16 – startups
  • electric cars, stepping robots and a lot of beer.


Dreamix© Services

What we were offering was:

  • Software development and consulting services
    • Oracle Fusion Middleware
    • Java EE
    • BI – Pentaho, JasperSoft, QlikView
  • Middleware Managed Services, EAI, and Automation
    • Oracle Fusion Middleware
    • IBM
    • Java EE environment
    • TIBCO
  • FormsADF App
    • Oracle Forms to Oracle ADF migration tool and development services


  • Management consultancy companies that would benefit from our nearshoring software services
  • Companies with software departments that are experiencing problems with headcount, cost, and quality of the existing software services
  • Partners that would be interested in promoting our services onsite
  • Feedback for the couple of startups we have
    • FormADF App Oracle Fоrms to ADF migration tool
    • DreamBase – GPU based column-oriented database engine
    • more
  • Everything else

Germany is 3 hours flight to Bulgaria so our services were branded as nearshore.

Before the exhibition


Full set of business cards and brochures

Business Intelligence


 JavaEE and Oracle Fusion Middleware


 Middleware, Database, and Automation Managed Services



We used couple of channels to get a list with candidates for onsite meeting:

  • CeBit exhibitors system which provides full list and profiles of the exhibiting companies
  • Oracle Partners search to search for companies specialized in Oracle Fusion Middleware in Hannover
  • DOAG to provide assistance
  • LinkedIn and Xing to get to the right contact person for the selected companies
  • Google and meetups for searching related events (entrepreneur, IT professionals meetings)
  • Brokerage (Match and Meet) services (EEN, etc)


For more insight what to do During the exhibition read my other blogs:


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