Daily News from Dreamix! #dreamnews 03.05.2016

Daily News from Dreamix! #dreamnews 03.05.2016


News from Dreamix 03.05.2016

10 SQL tricks that you didn’t think were possible

In this article, Java champion Lukas Eder invites readers to take a look at 10 SQL tricks. The article is a summary of his new, extremely fast-paced, ridiculously childish-humored talk, which he’s giving at conferences (recently at JAX, and Devoxx France). Read more…

Oracle pulls the plug on and and were considered for many years the go-to community and hosting sites for projects. With its latest announcement, Oracle proves once again that nothing is everlasting. Both and will cease to exist on April 28, 2016 —fact which sparked discussions within the community. Read more…

Oracle to Buy Utilities-Software Maker Opower for $532 Million

Oracle Corp. said it agreed to acquire utilities cloud-services provider Opower Inc., expanding the database giant’s portfolio of cloud software for the utilities industry. Oracle will pay $10.30 a share in cash, a roughly 30% premium higher thanFriday’s closing price. The deal is valued at about $532 million, net of Opower’s cash. Opower’s stock rose 30% to $10.29 on Monday as Oracle rose 1.1% to $40.30. Read More…

Even your connected car will need antivirus software

Connected cars can talk to each other (vehicle-to-vehicle, or V2V), and they’re starting to be able to talk to the city they’re driving around (vehicle-to-infrastructure, or V2I). That also means baddies can potentially talk to our cars, as we’ve seen in the experimental hack of a Jeep. But hacking isn’t the only danger, because wherever there’s a computer, there’s certain to be a computer virus lurking. Read more…

Elon Musk Sets Up Artificial Intelligence-Testing Gym

Last year, Tesla CEO Elon Musk warned about the dangers of artificial intelligence. This year he’s trying to build a SoulCycle with a robots only policy. Read More…

Шестият Startup Weekend започва в София на 9 май

54-часово събитие, на което програмисти, дизайнери, маркетинг разбирачи и стартъп ентусиасти се събират да споделят идеи, да сформират екип, да изградят продукти и да стартират нов бизнес. Read More…


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