Daily News from Dreamix! #dreamnews 25.04.2016

Daily News from Dreamix! #dreamnews 25.04.2016

April 25, 2016
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Dreamix News 25.04.2016

Google reportedly starting an in-house startup incubator

Google to reportedly start  in-house startup incubator, acc to The Information; Area 120 will be used to  let employees start out on their own with the company as an investor; to be  directed by Don Harrison and Bradley Horowitz; intended to stem flow of talent  to competitors. Read more…

Nvidia creates a 15B-transistor chip for deep learning

Nvidia chief executive Jen-Hsun Huang announced  that the company has created a new chip, the Tesla P100, with 15 billion  transistors for deep-learning computing. It’s the biggest chip ever made, Huang  said. Read More…

Hyper Vision:

The world’s hottest startup isn’t located in  Silicon Valley—it’s in suburban Florida. Explore what Magic Leap’s  mind-bending technology tells us about the future of virtual reality. Read more

Domain-Driven Design and Microservices

At the QCon conference in London, 2016, Eric  Evans, author of Domain Driven Design, Tackling  Complexity at the Heart of Software, argues  that using domain-driven design (DDD) concepts can mitigate against ubiquitous  language complexity in microservice environments Read More…

“Transition to microservices while running under full steam is not easy”

In this interview, Fabian Reinartz, an engineer at CoreOS and one of the Prometheus core developers and Björn Rabenstein,the team lead of Production Engineering at SoundCloud, speakers at next week’s JAX DevOps, are talking about how Prometheus and Kubernetes are a match made in open-source heaven and demonstrating the current Prometheus setup at SoundCloud, monitoring a large-scale Kubernetes cluster.  Read More…

Hybrid devops? Containerized microservices? What?

Well, in short, it means developers can build  applications the way they always have with the tools they’ve always used, BUT  they can deploy those applications across a variety of internal, private and  public clouds without lock-in, AND they can run their applications across  multiple deployment locations in a CI/CS and application-intent framework. It’s  crazy cool. Read More…

Project management: Starting as you mean to go  on

A strong opening lies at  the heart of good project management, says Alistair Godbold of the APM. Read More…

‘The Science of Growth’: What Facebook knew,  but Friendster didn’t

With more than 27 million entrepreneurs in the U.S. and $128 billion in global venture capital money  raised in 2015, the demand for product management guidance is in full swing.  Read More…

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