One week working by the sea side | Part 1

One week working by the sea side | Part 1

July 15, 2015
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For the 9th Dreamix birthday our team decided to go and work from the sea side for one week.

Day 1| Lozenets here we are! 

Will you agree that when you have to deal with changе of the workplace, even for a week, the first day is always the biggest challenge? Typically you dont know what to expect and try to predict every unpredictable mass that may happen with the technique, the place. This, combined with the excitement of the new location gives you pleasant feeling in the stomach like you are on a first date. This pretty much sums up the day. And these pics as well:

First impressions

The green/blue oasis a.k.a hotel Emberly


Impressed by the open fitness space? Us, too!


What about the real work?

First international call with 4 people from different offices - checked!


Team collaboration and brainstorming - checked!

11760060_10207274924735659_2643791659601335295_n (1)

Team reactions

They are like "Nice, well definitely use this … yellow… playground? 



Up to Day 2!

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