Location Independence Challenge

Location Independence Challenge

July 13, 2015
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The Case

This month marks @Dreamix  9th anniversary!
For all those years one thing got pretty clear to us: successful businesses are those who create freedom at work and adventure in life. We cherish our team and rely not only on their work decisions but also value deeply their opinion. So, when the team asked for a week at the sea it wasnt hard for us to decided to change the office decor with a beach view!

The Challenge

That's right! Our team faces the summer challenge everyone dreams of "Working from the beach". So, the chosen destination is Lozenets, a town near Burgas, located on the Black Sea. We aim to prove that:

☀ "workplace" is not a constant parameter and it can be successfully transformed from an office space to a deck chair on the beach;
☀  teams can be effective when working with a flexible schedule;
☀  where there is a will there is a way!

We come prepared

Is it possible to be productive just a step from the beach?


We almost hear you say: "Youre joking, the internet is so damn slow at the hotels and what about the workplace? The conditions arent appropriate to work from the sea."

Yes, we know all these, but it cant stop us. The teams can work from the hotel, the beach or any place they find cool. Weve scheduled daily dinner meetings to monitor our performance to keep track on our performance. Whats more, we are armed with superfast internet from Max Telekom to make sure we have internet access anywhere we decide to go. 

The snimka

We are locked and loaded and ready to leave from Sofia this Wednesday.

Stay tuned for more news: Dreamix and #workanywhere #workfromthesea

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Do you have experience working from the beach?
 Any advice and suggestions will be greatly appreciated!

Dreamix Team

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