The Java Daily 22/6/20

The Java Daily 22/6/20

June 22, 2020
Java Daily, Newsroom
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The articles on Java from the last 24h:

Quarkus 1.5 Features New Extensions and fast-jar Packaging (3 min read) Link

Seven Legacy Integration Patterns (4 min read) Link

On Project Loom, the Reactive model and coroutines (6 min read) Link

2 Weeks ago:) The role of preview features in Java 14, Java 15, Java 16, and beyond (9 min read) Link 

9 months ago:) Code Review – Best Practices, Guidelines & Process Insights (7 min read) Link

A year ago:) Handling Distributed Transactions in the Microservice world (7 min read) Link

Extra:) jOnConf – Free Online Java Conf. Java Champs & Experts will share latest trends & best practices Link   

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