Triple Threat Java 06/12/21

Triple Threat Java 06/12/21

December 6, 2021

We are proud to introduce the new format of our Java newsletter – Triple Threat Java! Stay tuned to get the best of the best insights into the world of Java three times per week:

Announcing Cryostat 2.0: JDK Flight Recorder for Containers (2 min read) Link

Spring Data — Power of Domain Events (8 min read) Link

Java 8 – Convert IntStream to String (4 min read) Link

Records, Sealed Classes and Pattern Matching (1 hour 6 min watch) Video

Spring Data MongoDB – Relation Modelling (6 min read) Link

Full Stack Java with React, Spring Boot, and JHipster (15 min watch) Link

The Payara Monthly Catch: November 2021 (6 min read) Link

Embracing invokedynamic To Tame Class Loaders in Java Agents (16 min read) Link

Fight ambiguity and improve your code with Java 17’s sealed classes (18 min read) Link

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