Triple Threat JAVA 10/09/21

Triple Threat JAVA 10/09/21

September 10, 2021
Java Daily, Newsroom
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We are proud to introduce the new format of our JAVA newsletter – Triple Threat JAVA! Stay tuned to get the best of the best insights into the world of JAVA three times per week:

8 Debugging Tips for IntelliJ IDEA Users You Never Knew Existed (6 min read) (Link)

Real-World Use Case: Robust and Flexible Batch Processing with Payara Platform (6 min read) (Link)

Microsoft Announces Azure Spring Cloud Enterprise in Preview (2 min read) (Link)

Designing a Reverse Proxy: Why Golang performs better than Java (Spring Boot), An In-Depth Analysis (Link)

What Modules Are About (13 min read) (Link)

Spring Data JDBC – How to use custom ID generation (5 min read) (Link)

Surprisingly High Cost of Java Variables with Capitalized Names (6 min read) (Link)

Deep Dive Into Hello World In Java (Link)

A Bootiful Podcast: Spring Security Engineer Josh Cummings (1h 9 min watch) (Link)

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