TTJ: Java’s Modern Capabilities, Java Applications on Neo4j and more | 16/08/23

TTJ: Java’s Modern Capabilities, Java Applications on Neo4j and more | 16/08/23

August 16, 2023

We are proud to introduce the new format of our Java newsletter – Triple Threat Java! Stay tuned to get the best of the best insights into the world of Java three times per week:

Java News Roundup: Payara Cloud, MicroProfile Telemetry, Calendar, JVM Language Summit (4 min read) Link

Pouring Coffee into the Matrix: Building Java Applications on Neo4j (9 min read) Link

Java Application with Neo4j: How to use Spring custom queries and projections (7 min read) Link

Working with GitLab Merge Requests in IntelliJ IDEA (8 min read) Link

Pi4J Operating System for Java development on Raspberry Pi (3 min read) Link

AsyncGetCallTrace Reworked: Frame by Frame with an Iterative Touch! (9 min read) Link

Sealed Interfaces and Pattern Matching: A Quick Dive into Java’s Modern Capabilities (3 min read) Link

A Bootiful Podcast: Spring Cloud cofounder and lead Spencer Gibb on Spring Cloud Gateway for the Servlet API in the era of Project Loom (1.08h watch) Video

The best way to use JPA bidirectional sync methods (4 min read) Link

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