A Great Workplace for Millennials

A Great Workplace for Millennials

February 21, 2017
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There is a general idea about Millennials. They are always ungrateful, whiny and with the constant desire to sit on bean bags instead of doing actual work. Or at least that is how some managers see an entire generation. However, they are now in our companies and we have to find the best way to deal with them.  Dreamix Ltd is consisting almost entirely of Millennials and most of us will describe our company as the best place to work for. Ever. So, want to know how we do it?

When it comes to Millennials no one works only in one position

Having access to different points of view is actually very important. Because we give people the opportunity to be more creative, to understand more about the business, we see great results. Those two are very important when we talk about Millennials as they have the need to innovate. Not giving them the opportunity to develop themselves and actually at least try to make an impact, will not result in their best work. Having to deal with more assignments in different departments of the organisation, helps them gain a broader perspective of what is going on and how they can make it better.

Weekly Presentations & Courses

Again I’m going to mention the importance of personal development when it comes to Millennials. We have weekly presentations on a variety of subjects from wine tastings to Astronomy and all Tech Innovations. All this knowledge can boost the low self-esteem of Millennials and at some point of their career help your company. One of their best qualities is enthusiasm and proactiveness. They want to be involved in the development of the company, so it is up to us to help them gain the necessary theory and know-how to really add value to our business.

For the same reasons at Dreamix Ltd we send our colleges to variety of trainings that we consider as time spent working and usually pay for them. They do not necessarily have to be IT related. We sometimes choose business and sales courses, business coaching, soft skills development and many others.

They can speak up

When we talk about Millennials the first thing that comes to mind is their desire to make “an impact”. We need to meet their needs and this most often means that we have to hear them out. So in Dreamix we have a very simple policy. If you have an idea, suggestion, feedback or you are not happy with a process – you can always say so, without the fear of getting judged or even worse – fired. If you want to book a meeting and tell this directly to the CEO – you just need to ask. It won’t happen immediately but as soon as possible our CEO/CTO/CBDO will take the time one needs and will give them the attention they deserve.

Those things may not be applicable to big corporations in the exact same way, but in your own team or with a little flexibility, everyone can adjust. We need to remember that like it or not, a generation with its specific needs is now of great importance to almost any business. And just because they may be different, does not mean that they are the ones who should change. Just like digitalization is a must for a company that wants to succeed, company culture is right up there next to it. Don’t believe me? Just look at the success of Google.

If you have any feedback, comments or suggestions, do not hesitate to share, I would be happy to get in touch!

Theodora Palikarska

Marketing Manager at Dreamix. Experienced in Digital Marketing, B2B marketing and Project Management. Skilled communicator with a rich background and affinity towards psychology, personal development and motivation management. Creative and energetic person who has a natural entrepreneurial spirit. Feels inspired when being around people and doing things that have impact and meaning.

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