Dreamix culture + personal development & extra contribution

Dreamix culture + personal development & extra contribution

January 3, 2017
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Culture nowadays is what differentiates companies. Knowing that, Dreamix invests a lot in it. Culture is what makes us unique. Culture is what makes it a pleasure for you to come and enjoy your day. Your colleagues, the atmosphere, the office are as important as the project you’re assigned to. Taking it seriously means that we should motivate the #dreamixteam to contribute to this culture. So we thought a lot on how to do it, and here’s what we came with – we make evaluation every six months and 34% of the evaluation comes from activities outside of the daily tasks each one of us must do.

Below, you can see some examples of “extracurricular” activities and the points they give. To get the maximum for culture one must earn at least 120 points or in other words to do at least 5 things on average every 6 months that contribute to the culture or growth of the company, or to his/her personal development. Additionally, 1% of Dreamix revenue is also given as bonuses by the end of the year based on how well each one of us contributed to the company’s culture.

Activities that contribute to Dreamix culture:

  1. (30 points) Presentation in the office – an example from Teodor
  2. (10 points) A goal in – here’s what Iskren created
  3. dispenser

  4. (15 points) Initiatives for cinema, theater, beer pong, etc-  Stanislav invites us to a theater
  5. theater invitation

  6. (30 points) Teambuilding organization – Martin’s survey as an example  
  7. (20 points) Invite someone to present in the office – Viktor’s invite to Monika (VP at SAP) “Стояне трябва да направиш всичко възможно да поканиш Моника в Дриймикс да сподели най-добри практики и практични съвети за PM и скръм”. Моника  – “Благодаря много за милата покана и прекрасните думи от вас и Виктор. Забавих се с отговора, защото исках да погледна дали има подходящ четвъртък по обяд”
  8. Other- Slavo’s emails for honey, eggs, participation in the Dreamix football club, participation in the table soccer tournaments, etc.


Activities that contribute to one’s personal growth or to Dreamix growth (not connected with one’s daily tasks):

      1. (40 points) Certification – Denis as an example with his result of more than 90% at the OCA Java SE 8
      2. (30 points) Course on skills improvement – Mr. English, Business coaching, PM training, etc
      3. (30 points) Speaking at an event about Dreamix – Stoyan who organized HackBlagoevgrad
      4. (20 to 40 points) Referral for someone to start at Dreamix – Deni based on Angel, Peter based on Stefan, Gavrail based on Hristo, Veliko based on Todor
      5. (40 points) Client referral – Santech from Viktor
      6. (30 points) Blog post (Guide)  – Slavo as an example: Our integration with PayPal Java SDK
      7. Other – founding of a user group, contribute to an open source project ( JHipster as an example), etc.

In conclusion, the above are just examples – there are many other things that can be done.

    1. Every six months there is an evaluation process in Dreamix and 34% of the evaluation is based on the contribution outside of one’s daily tasks
    2. 1% of Dreamix revenue is given as bonuses to #dreamixteam at the end of the year based on the culture performance of each person during the year (average of the two six months periods)

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