Daily News from Dreamix! #dreamnews 27.04.2016

Daily News from Dreamix! #dreamnews 27.04.2016

April 27, 2016

Dreamix News 27.04.2016

How Jenkins is building up world of Continuous Integration

We’ve come a long way since CruiseControl, and thanks to the Jenkins community, there’s plenty of new things afoot in CI/CD.

“Remember CruiseControl? If you do, you were one of the cutting-edge adopters of Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment. Today, however, you’re just another developer with fond memories of the past.” Read more…

Ubuntu Linux and OpenStack cloud come to IBM servers

IBM partners with Canonical to bring not only Linux, but the OpenStack cloud and Juju-assembled programs as well, to big-iron servers.

” Last year, IBM introduced LinuxONE, a new pair of IBM mainframes along with Linux and open-source software and services. These new systems are the LinuxONE Emperor, which built on the IBM z13 mainframe and its little brother, Rockhopper. LinuxONE is the heart of IBM’s hybrid cloud efforts.” Read More…

This is how Google wants its drones to deliver stuff to you

In the near future, our skies may be full of drones buzzing around, delivering us our take-out dinners, and shopping orders. But considering how many of us live in densely settled areas and don’t have the lawn space that Amazon envisions us having to receive our drone-delivered goods, how are we going to get these packages? Google has a few ideas. Read more

‘The Art of Computer Programming’ by Donald Knuth

Bill Gates doesn’t think most people can finish this book. I gave it a shot.

“Some books look so beautiful on the shelf. Not only for their aesthetic virtues, but for what their spines say about the owner. The four hardbound volumes of Donald Knuth’s “The Art of Computer Programming” — all snug in their dark purple case — send a clear message: Step aside, Muggles, because you’re in the presence of a Real Programmer.”  Read More…

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