John Atanasoff Award for a #dreamixteam member

John Atanasoff Award for a #dreamixteam member

October 13, 2016

About the John Atanasoff Award

In addition to the two nominees at “40 under 40 Bulgaria” from the last year, #dreamixteam now has a “John Atanasoff Award” winner.

The John Atanasoff Award of the President of the Republic of Bulgaria named after the creator of the first electronic computer – the famous scholar of Bulgarian descent, John Atanasoff, was first awarded in 2003 in support of the personal achievements of young Bulgarian researchers working in the fields of informatics and information technology. Starting in 2015 two new categories were added – The “John Atanasoff for projects with social value-added” and for “First steps in computer sciences”.

Grajdanite at John Atanasoff


Why Grajdanite (Citizens) deserve the award

Grajdanite (Citizens) is the winner this year for projects with social value added. Stoyan Mitov from #dreamixteam is one of the cofounders. The platform aims to make the world a better place by encouraging and enabling responsible and polite citizenship. “We started by solving the problem with bad behavior on the road. “ – Stoyan says. Currently, “Grajdanite” is used by more than 43000 citizens who’ve generated over 48000 reports and 800 apologies.

Dreamix not only provides advisory help, but office space and amenities which the Citizens’ team is using during the weekends. “Grajdanite” is a real example of our belief that we must contribute back to society. For us it’s not enough just to be an expert in the Java consultancy. There’s a lot more because in order for someone to feel good, most of the people around him must also feel alright.

So take a stand. Choose a cause or start one. Go and contribute to your community. It’s worth it. Believe us.

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