6 Steps to Making a Killer Landing Page

6 Steps to Making a Killer Landing Page

June 6, 2017

What are people actually looking for

We should never forget that the main idea of a landing page is to convert our users by mesmerizing them and giving them the exact information they are looking for. It may seem odd in the beginning, however it’s quite common to make your landing page by what you consider to be important, and not see the tension your clients have.

Let’s see some examples: Imagine you are selling shoes. You may think that the important part of what you sell is the exact year of the design, the fabrics, the number of shoes you are producing per year, etc. There is a big chance however, that all your clients are looking for is to read that your shoes are comfortable and recommended by trustworthy sources. Or they may want to see a picture which shows an incredible design and a celebrity who is wearing them. Depending on your brand the tension of your customers is different and the main goal of your page would be to address it.


SEO or PPC is quite important when you’re building a landing page, because it is obvious that even if you have the most incredible landing page people will not convert unless first they have the chance to reach it. Many people consider SEO something which they can start in the future but it would be much easier if the page is optimized for search engines in the very beginning of its development.

keyword planner

You can go in keyword planner and see how different words are ranking. How much a word would approximately cost in PPC and generally the competition. It is better to focus on long tail keywords (three and four keyword phrases which are very, very specific to whatever you are selling). Using the keyword planner might actually give you some great ideas of new keywords you could use.


When building a new page you should never forget about CTAs (Call-to-Actions). When someone is at your page they should know at all times what is the action they are expected to take and what is the easiest way to do that. You can do this by placing buttons that are easily noticed on every fold of your landing page. Make sure to have CTA’s that are not too pushy and that would give you the exact result you are looking for.

For example: If you are offering an expensive service (IT consulting, expensive APIs, Luxury goods, etc) focus on getting your potential clients to send an e-mail, or get in touch with you in another way. Do not try to close the deal just through the website.



Always make sure you have a clear heading structure. Structure which information is important to you and which is not so often searched for. Your heading structure gives Google the idea of your website and the relevance of what you’ve put in it to your business.

Logically if you put a <title> this information would be much more important than <h5> for example. So do not underestimate the structure of a website and follow <title> ; <h1> ; <h2> ; <h1> ; <h2> ; <h3>, etc.
Additionally, make sure that you have enough spacing between the letters and reconsider using caps lock. All Caps makes the content quite difficult to read and you definitely do not want this in your headings.


It’s all about the client

Never forget that even if your SEO is perfectly structured this means nothing if your audience is not targeted right and they are getting confused. Customers always come first and even if you have some SEO uncertainties you can always see what is working for you or your competition.

As everything in life, someone already probably did a great job in what you are about to do, so don’t try to do everything on your own and make a good research before you start. What do competitors consider important? What is their design? How are they showing their credibility? What is their conversion path? Always remember to answer these questions before planning anything else.

How to convert

All in all just follow the steps above. Have clear call to actions on your page and buttons that fit your design but catch the eye. Tell your customers exactly what you offer and what their benefits are going to be from choosing your company’s services or products. Have really catchy headlines and make sure they are connected to the content below them. Make sure your design is responsive, with good resolution and it is more than pleasant to the eye. Use images when you can and different components. And never forget about proof:

Have you already sold? What are your customers saying? What is the community saying? Social proof is really useful when you need this last push in order to get your clients to convert.

Good luck with your page! 🙂

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