Daily News from Dreamix! #dreamnews 12.05.2016

Daily News from Dreamix! #dreamnews 12.05.2016

News from Dreamix 12.05.2016

This Week in Spring – May 2016

I can’t even believe it’s May already! STOP THE WORLD I WANT OFF! Well, at least the times are exciting! There’s so much cool stuff to look at this week so let’s get to it! Read more…

Here Comes Hyperloop One: Startup Raises $80 Million

The Hyperloop – a futuristic magnetic levitation transportation system that promises to make it possible for people or cargo to travel at 750 miles an hour in comfortable pods between San Francisco and Los Angeles in as little as 30 minutes—could be very big business. Read more…

James Gosling on Oracle, Once Again

A recent Java Council podcast moderated by Java Champion and Virtual JUG leader Simon Maple brought together a collection of familiar and high-profile Java community members that included Trisha Gee (Java Champion, JUG leader), Martijn Verburg (Java Champion, London JUG), Reza Rahman (Java EE Guardians, Philadelphia JUG), and the “Father of Java” James Gosling. Rahman and Gosling were given most of the hour, where Rahman’s questions centered around the continuing efforts of the Java EE Guardians and Gosling was asked several thoughts about Oracle. Read More…

Free tool aims to make it easier to find vulns in open source code

DevOps outfit SourceClear has released a free tool for finding vulnerabilities in open-source code. SourceClear Open is touted as a means for developers to identify known and emerging security threats beyond those in public and government databases. “Developers are being held more accountable for security and demanding tools that help them with that responsibility,” according to SourceClear. Read more…

IT Quiz Night in Plovdiv

IT Quiz Event е събитие насочено към ИТ ентусиасти, които искат да се забавляват, да отговарят на увлекателни въпроси, да решават интересни задачи, да научат малкоизвестни факти и да пият по бира с други хора „от тяхната порода“. Първото издание ще се състои в гр. Пловдив със съдействието на приятелите ни от Vintage House и BizLabs. Read more…

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