No need of migration to experience ADF benefits

No need of migration to experience ADF benefits

You aren’t sure whether an Oracle Forms migration to ADF will add value to your organization?

Maybe, you don’t have the budget. Or you don’t have people with Java and ADF skills? Why this word “migration” is embedded in your head? 

Is it because Oracle is expected to stop Forms’ support? Is it because it is an old technology but a very good one that serves you well? Is it because you need the newer features that come with the application development framework? 

You may get some answers to these questions if you change the thinking perspective. Why not try ADF somehow before you decide whether to migrate your Forms. Integrate your Oracle Forms into an ADF framework to see some of the benefits of this newer technology. You may be able to see some of the improvements such as better security, improved UI, language option, dynamic menus and open tabs next to each other without migrating even a single Oracle Form. 

You wonder how you will build this ADF framework if you have only Forms developers and no Java/ADF experts in your team. What do you think of a prebuilt framework that you just buy with your Oracle Forms inside? You have it and you test it, and explore it. 

You can check out the feel and look and then decide whether you want to further see how the ADF can add value to you by migrating one or two Forms while keep using simultaneously the old ones. And in such a way your Forms experts will gradually become ADF experts who have the environment ready to develop your new forms in ADF and migrate your old ones. Your team’s learning curve will be gradual and your budget will be planned accordingly. Try it out.


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