Simple and fun project to make with Arduino

Simple and fun project to make with Arduino

September 22, 2015

So what is Arduino and why is it so popular nowadays?

Have you heard of Internet of things – where all kind of gadgets get connected so we can make better use of them? Arduino is easy to learn platform that can help us do exactly this – connect things, invent gadgets and experiment with them. This will give you joy because it is easily done and in the end you can touch your own creation. It feels different than the software work.

So how can we get one?

For this, we will need special IDE which can be downloaded from here
The next thing is the plate. You can get original one from here or from one of the official distributors for your country:  for Bulgaria its: (you can find the full list of distributors here

However, some of you may found it too expensive. So, if you want to pay less get an Arduino replica from - 4$ only. Keep in mind this: if you chose to get the replica you will need some additional drivers for the PC like "CH341SER"

What language does Arduino use?

It has its own language that is very similar to C++. Its called Processing. Don`t panic, it is easy to learn. There are a lot of tutorials on the official site and the greatest thing is that the IDe has built-in examples from which you can learn.

How to upload my first application?

The application upload consists of several things.

First you start your IDE and plug the Arduino in the USB.
From the IDE make sure that the correct port is selected. This can be checked and changed from Tools > Serial Port > YOUR_PORT
Also, make sure the correct board is selected (Tools > Board > YOUR_BOARD)
After all this is done just click the upload button, the one with the right arrow.

What I achieved with Arduino?

I made a simple home security system. The parts that I needed to build it are:

  • Arduino Uno board
  • Piezo Crystal speaker
  • Bluetooth module HC-06
  • Motion sensor – PIR
  • Red LED

The system was really simple. The interesting thing was that it comunicated with Android devices via Bluetooth. I used my smartphone to turn on and off the alarm system. When it was turned on it used a PIR sensor to detect motion. If motion was detected it started to play alarm sound and blink with a red LED.

If this sound interesting to you see the algorythm diagram in the presentation.

Also if you liked the idea and want to check the code I can send it you, just e-mail me at or use the comment box below. 


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