The Value of an Aim

The Value of an Aim

January 31, 2017


Everyone has set numerous goals in their life. Some of them have been achieved, others remain just a dream. Are the achieved targets different than those that you just dream about and those you are keen on? Are they easier? Have you desired them more? Or were they just a gift from above?We have to understand why we achieved some goals while others remain just dreams. Otherwise what we achieve in life will always be just a matter of chance.

What should you do to reach a goal?


In order to achieve a goal you could always learn from people with dreams similar to your own. People are not that different and for that reason you can always find someone with similar desires. You can find out what he did, more about their actions, what was helpful, what troubled them. It is always useful to learn from someone else’s experience and their mistakes and accomplishments. 


After you collect the necessary information it would be good for you to make a plan about the next steps you can take. The greater the aim is, the more detailed your plan should be. Creating a plan gives a clear idea of what you need to do and what is the road that lies ahead. Frequently the plan will not go as you predicted. You will need to change it, while you are moving forward. If you are not ready to change and adapt, there is a good chance that you are not going to reach whatever you are aiming for.


That is the moment when you should put a lot of effort to make your dreams come true. You can never be sure how long it will take and whether it will lead to the desired results. But only at the cost of hard work, you can achieve something of actual worth. This is the most important step towards your goal. In most cases, the path you take towards  your dreams is much more interesting, exciting, evolving, than the result itself. Throughout this time you want, you thrill and strive towards something that you think is valuable. This period builds us as individuals, we learn to lose and to continue afterwords, to fall, to understand that we can stand, we realize what it means to want “truly”. The persistence is very important for the success. We can be persistent only if the desire is “real” – comes from the heart.


“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” – Еinstein

Once you start following the plan, that leads to the goal, you can’t stop learning and seeking. You can find a better, more appropriate, or a completely new approach to achieve your aim. It is possible that the path is quite different from the one you imagined in the beginning. So as you walk towards the goal, in every moment, you have to look for new opportunities. It is possible that something that is useful now, will not work after a while.


Everyone makes mistakes. If you fear failure you will not have the chance to excel. Failure is not when you try and do not succeed. Failure is when you do not even try, fearing that you will not succeed. Before trying, there is no chance to know whether you are going to be successful. Each situation is quite new for us. Even if you have experienced something similar before, now your body, conscious and subconscious, are different. Today they are not the same as they were yesterday. Even the image that you see in the mirror is your reflection in a moment that has passed and you can never know how you look at this instant. Because of this, a situation that seems well-known, is different again. You are different in every following minute.

One mistake can be both a friend and enemy. It is important to try to accept the failures as our friends. You make something wrong, learn the lesson and try not to repeat the same mistakes again. As William Levinson points out in his book “The Way of Strategy – To succeed, we must not care if we fail”. Predetermine that you will accept failure if it happens. Recognize that you are not defined by your successes or failures; however, you are defined by the way you react to success and failure.


When you are headed towards a goal, much of the side things could be an obstacle. Everyday activities become habits. This also happens with the things you love doing. Good things happen when you give everything. Therefore, you should not hesitate to give up something that seems less important than the aim. This is the most difficult part of the path towards the goal. In most cases people fail here. It is extremely difficult to get rid of a habit. It is even more difficult to stop doing something you love, in the name of a greater, chimeric and not quite sure potential achievement.


No point in trying to do something if you do not believe that you will succeed.  Not only should we believe in our success but we should also act as if it’s already true. You have to imagine the path to the aim and the difficulties. How you feel, what you think, are you in doubt, what efforts you are going to make. It is important that at any point you remain positive and you believe in achieving your goal. Otherwise, the initiative is doomed, and the efforts will go down the drain.


Luck plays an important role in our lives. As much as we don’t want to accept it, if you aren’t lucky, the success may always be elusive. However, this doesn’t mean, that in each failure you say – “Oh, no, I’m not lucky it’s impossible.” To achieve the goals, it is necessary to look for the reason of the failures and the successes, in ourselves. And only after we have thought about what happened again and again, getting deeper and deeper into the conscious and subconscious, only then we can think that something outside of us is the reason we did not achieve our goal.

Following these points does not guarantee a success, but makes the chances more real, not just a dream.

Stanislav Atanasov

Java Developer at Dreamix

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