What you Need to Know about Machine Learning?

What you Need to Know about Machine Learning?

May 26, 2015

Passionate about machine learning? Mee too!

As Master of “Information retrieval and knowledge extraction” I know its not an easy topic to go through. So, I came up with this presentation to show my colleagues the world of machine learning algorithms. And what we can achieve using them, of course.

Now is the time to learn more.

Knowledge engineering is so vast today you probably use it in your everyday life without knowing it. Its growing impact on our lives can be proved by various tools. Lets mention self-driving cars, effective web search, practical speech recognition. What about the improvement in the understanding of the human genome in the recent years!?

Thats why I wanted to bring machine learning to life. In the presentation, you can find a demo of my university project. I also tackle an interesting real-world issue like Skynet.



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