Why I`m Happy to Work at Dreamix?

Why I`m Happy to Work at Dreamix?

December 14, 2015

As the year ends, we all look back and start assessing the last 12 months. Here I’ll share my assessment regarding my work at Dreamix and why Im  so happy being part of this wonderful team. In brief, Dreamix is a company that provides software development services to big international companies and startups from the Silicon Valley. We are experts in Java, Oracle Fusion Middleware (ADF, SOA, BPM, WebLogic) and Managed Services (Ansible, WebSphere, MongoDB, MySQL, Puppet, Tibco).

For the working people in Bulgaria, the IT sector is a blessing because it gives the highest salaries, the employers pay your insurances & taxes in full, you have the chance to travel and meet many foreign people from whom you can learn how to do business Europe wise.

All the above is possible due to the huge competition for talents between the software companies. Likewise, perks like free fruits, team buildings, 13th salary, great offices and amenities are the norm. Dreamix provides all these, too. However, considering all of the above, it doesn’t say anything special to me, it’s not why I am in the company and it’s not the reason why I am giving my best 24/7 to Dreamix.

First and maybe the most important are my colleagues. Most of them I can firmly name as friends. People are really the most important asset to every company. Here in Dreamix, we regard them with capital “P”. We’re a team and everyone puts the team on top. We all help each other whenever one needs it. We learn from each other. We cheer each other and most importantly, we talk to each other all the time. The atmosphere is super friendly and even though we’re growing we’re keeping this vibe of friendliness. Its just pleasure coming to work each day.

Amazing team

Posted by Ivan Ganchev on Saturday, March 21, 2015

We made an experiment this summer and 5 of us, including our CEO, went to work from the seaside. I was really dubious that any work will be done, especially after the first day, but we not only worked hard but also managed to sign a big new partnership through the work we’ve done there as our creativity blossomed (maybe due to the sea air:)).


Dreamix is not afraid to try new things. Our culture promotes and nurtures the risk takers. We have an open office listed at ShareDesk which anyone can use for the symbolic price of $1. They can stay as long as they want but before leaving, they have to make a presentation on a topic they love and share it to us. It is a way we invite and meet with many interesting people from all over the world. Moreover, the company supports Dreamix Accelerator through which the new ideas come to live. In 2015, Denis and Boyko won the #dreamixstartup competition with Prezzler – a remote mouse you can use from your smartphone.

To further prove the above I’ll share a personal story. I was accepted at Draper University in December 2013. It’s an entrepreneurship program in the Silicon Valley started by Tim Draper. I had a week to think and reply them back saying whether I”ll join the program or not. If I’m positive I had to pay the tuition of $6500 and be present in the US for at least two months starting middle of January. Based on my previous experience working in a multinational corporation I thought:

“Stoyan, you have to pay $6500 in a week (I had no money then), you have to stay for 2 months in the Valley which means another $4000 if you don’t want to die from famine:), and quit your job at Dreamix where you’ve just started several months ago.”

Just to mention, I had just paid my student loan and I had no intentions to borrow another one! So there I was a day before the deadline and rejecting DU’s offer when I had a conversation with Cvetelin (one of Dreamix founders) and Todor (Partner). I was so amazed after the meeting. I can’t describe it, but I was frank to them and shared my reasoning. Then Cvetelin just said: “Stoyan you’re going! Dreamix will pay you the tuition and you’ll not quit. During the two months in the US, our company will also pay you the salary. You will pay us back in instalments. It’s not an issue.”. Just to mention that back then Dreamix was in its infancy. Cvetelin doesn’t care about the money, what he cares more are people. Money can be earned, but great people can’t. So I went to the US and the experience was life changing. Think about it? How many companies will do that? Dreamix was a 20 people company back then!

Todor and Cvetelin  Friday morning on Vitosha mountain.Just an hour before starting to work on #dreamixstartup.

Furthermore, this February I co-founded a mobile application called Grajdanite (Citizens) while still in Dreamix. The app became several times #1 in the Apple store with $0 spent on marketing. It was a real success. But with success comes responsibility. Having 30,000 downloads in Bulgaria, the app needs a lot of time. Not only Dreamix has nothing against me working on Citizens but they supported me with contacts and office space. For sure, I have to do my tasks at Dreamix but after that, I had their full support. The Citizens team gathers often in Dreamix office during the weekends and uses the amenities.

Dreamix management team is really supportive to every person in the company. Moreover, the management consists of people that are very active citizens who don’t stay idle when an injustice is done and who love our country.

One last thing to mention, there is a yearly chart done by one of the most famous Bulgarian Radio stations called “40 under 40”. The chosen 40 do not know about their nominations. The radio listeners and a committee (assembled by successful people) nominate people that are under 40 years old and  have done something remarkable in the last year that has influenced in a positive way the scenery around them. And two of those are from #dreamixteam. Imagine a company of fewer than 100 employees to have 2 nominees in such a prestigious chart. One of them is Cvetelin (the guy I mentioned) who is the founder of Kaba Gaida and the other is me as the founder of Citizens. Both of us wouldn’t be present in this chart if it wasn’t the support from Dreamix.

In conclusion, I want to say “Thank you” to all the people in Dreamix. I can’t be in a better place.


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year,


P.S. If interested to meet us, don’t be shy and write now to 🙂


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