The HighTechDad explains: Why Our Kids Are More Technical Than Our Parents?

The HighTechDad explains: Why Our Kids Are More Technical Than Our Parents?

January 6, 2016

Recently I had to give a presentation on the advantages of the Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise in front of a corporate audience. The presentation was comprehensible as you can see here  and aimed to highlight the simplicity it brings in the work. Sounds good, but nontech people were looking at me like woah. At that time, I remembered how my daughter is always curious about all new technologies that I bring home. So I thought why our kids are more technical than our parents?

Have you watch many videos like this recently:

As a father of a young girl I can tell from my experience how while adults are busy putting food on the table, children are becoming our “technological overlords“. We all know the saying: “the new generation is programmed to work with all tech stuff from the first breath”. This includes smartphones, tablets, smart TVs and etc. So, if this is true maybe our kids are just smarter than us? Or are they naturally better with computers?

YES, they are very good with all the tech stuff, even better than our parents. Most people over 50 cannot write SMS, Viber chatting is impossible and strange, using GPS navigation is rocket science, and the Remote Controller IR Blaster of the smartphone is just an unnecessary bulb on the phone case.

On the other hand, we know too many examples of 2-3 year kids who are impressively skillful with technical stuff: 


But Why? Are they programmed to do so? Is it some change in our DNA? Or it is the consuming of GMO foods that caused us to mutate? (:

Simply, NO!

The answer is hidden in one word – “impartiality”. They just are not scared to get stuck in?

Yes, children approach technology and everything new with interest and innovation. Not afraid to touch, experiment and to “work” with it all in the form of a game. Without any doubt, young people find it easier to embrace the digital age and its emerging technologies because they were born into it. As a result, they quickly attain cleverness that is natural to them. Оn the contrary, most people from older generations take everything new as a threat, as scary and overwhelming. This FEAR makes it impossible for them to cope with the technological innovations.

ERP and Managing Information Systems

Does this mean that a baby or a child can integrate an ERP system better than an adult? From my experience, I can tell that the first phase of any implementation of an information system is the refusal of the employees to work with it. Any logical arguments for improvement and facilitation of their work through the system prove futile until they overcome their initial shock and horror at the thought that they will have to learn yet another technological innovation. Even if all the “work” consists of touching a button to automatically generate an analysis which if done in the traditional way – ‘by hand’, would take several days, weeks or months. So, what keep them to truly benefit from modern technology is the mere psychological attitude towards change. Children don`t have these restraints and show more persistence to explore a technology rather than opposing it. So sometimes when I present ERP products to customers I wish they had kept their inner child alive.

What do you think, are children naturally better with technology than their elders? And do you think  that we parents have to exercise some self-control when using tech stuff?

Teodor Ognianov

Qualified IT professional focused on software development having rich background with Oracle technologies. Deep knowledge in Business Intelligence, It project management. Familiar with broad set of Java EE frameworks, including Oracle ADF, database servers as Oracle Database (9i, 10g, 11g), Database Replications, Heterogeneous Service. Teodor is a team player with good coaching skills, providing assistance with patience and deep understanding of knowledge sharing. Responsible and highly motivated.

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