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Who we are

We are a bespoke software company for custom end-to-end product development following the highest enterprise standards. For 15+ years we have built a 100+ strong team, with 900,000+ hours invested in projects. Best quality software development is what we do to impact mankind for the better!

How we work

We act, rather than brag. In search of mastery, we deliver & grow together. We contribute to the community and care for each other. We help society grow. We help you grow. And then the sky's the limit. From a junior to a partner - four of us have already done it. We are proud that our people retention rate is 95%.

“Dreamix is the place where I really went out of my comfort zone. This way I managed to build myself up as a professional - something extremely valuable for me, it makes me feel happy and fulfilled. I am motivated by people who keep a high quality of work and help each other out.”

Thuan Do, Product Owner and Business Analyst

“Everyone is open to helping others out and building each other up as solid professionals. I am happy that everyone’s opinion matters and we are thus able to preserve and develop the company culture.”

Maria Ninova, Software Developer

The values that guide us

“I found truly passionate and eager people here at Dreamix. Their high professionalism and humility made me become one of those annoying people that often say how much they love their jobs.”

Mihail Milkov, Sr. Java Software Engineer

“That feeling that you can speak freely with everyone, including the CEO. That there is a real team that works towards the same direction. It is what makes me feel proud to be a part of the Dreamix family.”

Martin Bozhilov, Technical Project Lead

Why you should join Dreamix

People first

Founders are involved in everyday business and are accessible all the time. We all work and share, while thinking and improving things together.


We are a place where a piece of inspiration can be found every day. Leaders at Dreamix have been nominated for the Darik 40 under 40 award. We also have the presidential “John Atanasoff” laureate for a project with great social impact. Others teach or help students’ councils - we all try to improve the environment we all live in.

Individual Growth

We are strictly following our Dreamix Career Ladder. We already have instances of people growing from junior-level to shareholders.

Team Spirit

Want to share knowledge with others? Play board games? Go hiking? Or do your morning exercise in a group? We have so many options for you.

Intellectual Diversity

We value diversity and believe that if we were all alike, it would be super boring :) It is important to hear the different perspectives, ideas and understandings. Try to understand the different cultures. It's enriching!


Work from anywhere you want. Anytime. Consider each other friends, rather than just colleagues.

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We work on meaningful projects
with direct impact on the world we live in.

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