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Is the culture of the company you work for as important to you as your paycheck? Do you care about your professional skills as well as about soft skills, working environment and enjoying what you do? If your answer is yes Dreamix might be your place!

Java Developer

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About the project

Our Dublin based partner is a leader in the fintech industry, providing compliance solutions for most of the largest banks in the US, Europe and Asia. Expanding their business with new modules and services reflected on expanding our team in Sofia. Currently, it consists of 13 engineers and a QA, most of whom are senior developers willing to share experience and knowledge. Working close with the client allows us not only to take architectural and technical decisions, but guiding how the product evolves bringing more added value to our partner's clients.

About you

    What’s expected from the Business Analyst in the team:  You need to understand the partner's business needs, potential risks, and functional requirements. You will work closely with the development team and our partner.

    Let's have a talk about how we can collaborate if you see yourself in the following lines:  

  • Have a least 3+ experience in the field 
  • Previous experience as a software developer
  • Experience in software requirements gathering
  • Experience with JIRA
  • Experience with agile software methodologies - SCRUM
  • Experience in IT would be considered as an advantage
  • Experience in the banking/fintech sector
  • Ability to impact operations and effect change without being confrontational
  • Detail-oriented, analytical, and inquisitive
  • Ability to work independently, but keeping the team spirit
  • Extremely organized with strong time-management skills
  • University degree in the appropriate field of study or equivalent work experience in the banking sector
  • Challenging tasks and taking responsibilities don’t scare you
  • Proactively seeking improvements

About dreamix culture:

In Dreamix we know the reality. Great people create and are bombarded with opportunities. That’s why we believe that the relationship between a company and its people must be a partnership not a transaction. What does this mean? It means that Dreamix invests the maximum it can, in each and everyone of us, and we all invest the maximum we can in Dreamix.

Thus we grow together.
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We’re becoming better professionals

Dreamix offers better services

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We’re becoming better people

The culture in Dreamix evolves

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Our market value increases

Dreamix value in the market increases

On average more than 50% of the #dreamixteam attends some type of additional course or improvement program sponsored by the company. Whether it’s about Java certification, Angular classes, team management or English speaking courses, we’re here to invest in the daily improvement of our team.

Thanks to our annual growth of more than 50% many career opportunities present themselves for the people in Dreamix. You want to travel more – you can pursue the consultant’s role. You want to manage people – the team leader position is what you need. Or maybe, you want to become the best architect out there. We’ll give you the chance to achieve it. Hard work, desire and good results are all that is needed.

Biweekly, we set up presentations on different topics - from tech to outer space, from wine tasting to experiencing a successful startup story, from finance management to design thinking.

Moreover, #dreamixoffice is open for freelancers to come and work here. Thеir only obligation is to present to us, before leaving.We do this so we can share, gain knowledge, and make new friends from around the world.

Finally, we support everyone from the #dreamixteam in their pursuit of happiness. The result is that three of us are part of Darik Radio 40 under 40 with three different projects, and one of us was honored by the Bulgarian president with the “John Atanasoff Award” for a tech project with great social impact.

Where you can find us:

  • 5-17 TintyavaStr.
  • 1113 g.k. Dianabad
  • Sofia, Bulgaria

+359 884 116 309

Having questions?

WhatsApp or Viber us at