Our clients

From specialist businesses through to global organisations, we have worked with a range of clients and market sectors to deliver intelligent solutions to modern problems. Everything we do is built on decades of experience, and we are proud to say that we work with some of the best companies in the world. Here are a few of them:



Who they are: Fadata is a privately owned Joint Stock Company established in 1990, boasting a strong profile in information system development and implementation software related projects.

How we helped:

  1. Migration of web services, part of the integration module of an insurance software. Refactoring of the business logic in the web services in order to match the new business model interfaces.
  2. Adding SOA module to existing Java application using Oracle web services, parsing XML and Oracle Business components to store the data in Oracle Database. Compose XML results with data, retrieve from the Database. Develop WS Client, Support WSDL description of the services.
  3. Improving the integration capabilities of a leading insurance software product. Exposing functions as web services, development of Java adapters for specific tasks and BPEL processes to orchestrate the integration. Implementation of integration with SAP and SIEBEL. Creating SOAP Web Services and XML transformations with XSLT.
  4. Migration of over 60 Oracle Forms to Oracle ADF in the configuration interface of an insurance web application.

Technologies used: Java EE, JDeveloper 11g, ADF 11g, Web Services, Oracle DB, Oracle Business Components, Oracle Web Services, Oracle Fusion Middleware, SOAP, SOAP Attachments, Swing, JDeveloper, Oracle BPEL Engine, XML, XSLT, Oracle ADF, Oracle Forms, JDeveloper 11.



Who they are: Lombard is the only truly pan-European provider of unit-linked life assurance that provides wealth planning solutions to high and ultra-high net worth individuals.

How we helped: The project was for onsite consulting for reorganization of EAI Infrastructure with location Luxembourg.

Technologies used: TIBCO Business Works, TIBCO Rendezvous, TIBCO Designer, Oracle DB.



Who they are: Ericsson is a world-leading provider of telecommunications equipment and services to mobile and fixed network operators.

How we helped: The project was for customization of Ericsson billing system for prepaid accounts for the needs of Tim Brasil - Brazilian telecom.

Technologies used: Java SE, Eclipse.

BNP Paribas


Who they are: BNP Paribas is a leading financial institution with nearly 40 billion euro in revenues.

How we helped: Dreamix consulted BNP Paribas on their critical system for private investment banking. The work included full architectural, design and implementation review. The review revealed weak points, for which solutions were proposed. Ourteam worked closely with BNP Geneva and Singapore IT departments.

Technologies used: Oracle ADF, Java.

RBS WorldPay


Who they are: WorldPay is a leading provider of electronic payment processing solutions in more than 40 countries. They pioneered online payments for small and medium sized businesses and process millions of online payments every day.

How we helped: Dreamix's Senior Oracle Fusion Middleware consultants took part in developing Worldpay's backoffice system. The system is used by Worldpay employees to do financials, customer management and fiscal operations.

Technologies used: The technologies included almost all the fusion middleware stack, Oracle WebCenter, ADF, SOASuite, BPM, BAM and Java.



Who they are: VistaJet is one of the biggest private jet companies, with fleet of 50+ aircrafts.

How we helped: In order to improve their operations Dreamix was hired to deliver a Business Processes System that structures the work in Flight Operations, Financial Business Operations and HR departments. Dreamix is doing this using. As a result of the system, the operations in VistaJet are well structured, traceable and measurable which opens up space for huge improvements reducing the errors.

Technologies used: Latest Oracle technologies (BPM, SOA Suite) enriching the functions by providing flexible and usable UI in Oracle ADF.

Net Mobile AG


Who they are: Net mobile AG is a leading international full-service provider for mobile and value-added services and payment solutions.

How we helped:

  1. Payment and messaging Analytic and Reporting Tools (PART), is a standalone business intelligence system developed for net mobile AG, a provider of mobile payment services and part of the NTT DOCOMO group. It analyses payment transactions and allows net mobile's customers (telecoms and ISVs) to track sales, income, unique customers and most downloaded applications. It is also integrated with Microsoft and Google mobile application online markets. Technologies:
  2. In-App Payment module is a payment module of a mobile billing system, currently supporting one- time purchases. Includes also an Android library which an android application developer can integrate into his application to perform purchases which will be charged to the mobile phone bill. Extension consist of changing the back-end functionality to support subscription payments. These subscriptions are provisioned in a web GUI which also has to be extended. Service Configuration Manager: Refactor OneCMDB ( to use up-do-date versions of the dependent libraries. Extend the functionality to meet the client's internal needs.

Technologies used: Open source solution with Pentaho Data Integration as an initial step of the ETL process and Jaspersoft for visualization. Java EE, LDAP, GCB 2.x, GCB 3.0, Hibernate, Spring (Core, MVC, Security), Maven, Apache CFX, ExtJS 3/4



Who they are: Auto3P is a global online information services provider for the automotive market.

How we helped:

  1. Developing multi-user software system for management of insurances with over 60 forms, automatic update and backup modules, automation testing.
  2. Business Intelligence module for SmartClaims, a system for operating and managerial servicing of crash claims processing by insurance company, developed by Auto3P Bulgaria. The module provides Analyses of claims processing that help optimize financial profits, ad hoc analyses (OLAP), what-if analyses. It is developed as an add-on of an existing application with matching look-and-feel.

Technologies used: Java, Hibernate, Spring, Spring Web Flow, Spring Security, JSF, Richfaces, JBoss AS and JBoss Web, Apache Tomcat, JavaScript, CSS, JUnit, Selenium, Liquibase, MySQL, QlickView for presentation; Pentaho Data Integration for the ETL process.



Who they are: Xentio is a boutique BI solution provider.

How we helped: System for analyses and report real-time data for a business process outsourcing company (call center) developed for Xentio. It is used for improving the quality of the provided service by analyzing the number and duration of calls, response time, as well as unanswered calls. It supports OLAP reports.

Technologies used: Microsoft products including Net Framework, Microsoft SQL Server 2005, SSAS, SSRS.



Who they are:Technoclass is a consulting and IT company that provides management solutions to enterprises with various types and scopes of business.

How we helped:

  1. Dreamix successfully developed and delivered fully functional ERP system for an L-Class Company. The aim of the project was to create an end product that L-Class would sell to big companies in the heavy manufacturing industry. Using latest Oracle Web based, technologies, the end product would satisfy all customer needs. The application has unique functionality and combines many different functionality - from Financial and Accounting to Procurement, Production and Delivery. The end product has a user- friendly interface, great performance and stability, strong reporting and accountability. Technologies used are almost all the fusion middleware stack.
  2. Migrating over 350 forms from Oracle Forms to ADF including an end-to-end project management, research of best practices, building a custom migration process and teaching a support team onsite. During the project our team actively participated in the Oracle ADF online community with technical articles, tips and discussions.

Technologies used: Oracle WebCenter, ADF, SOASuite, BPM, BAM, Java. Java EE, Oracle ADF, Oracle Forms, Oracle DB, WebSphere, PL/SQL, JDeveloper Advanced HTML, CSS and JavaScript.



Who they are: Stemo Ltd is a leading company in the field of information and communication technologies.

How we helped: Dreamix has developed a web based system designed to help risk management processes in the Bulgarian National Risk Agency.

Technologies used: Java EE, JSF, Facelets, ADF-Faces, EJB 3.0, Oracle, PL/SQL, EJBQL, OC4J.

P&O Ferries


Who they are: P&O Ferries is a British company that operates ferries from the United Kingdom to Ireland and Continental Europe (France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Spain). The company boasts the largest fleet of ships offering a wide range of services and facilities, a comprehensive route network and a frequent passenger and freight services from and to the UK.

How we helped: Dreamix took part in the back-end functionality development of the online booking system. The system helps the P&O Ferries's customers to book ferry tickets online, to apply amendments on an existing booking and to receive suggestions for ferry trips based on a provided search criteria.

Technologies used: Java, Spring, JBoss Drools, Apache CXF and SoapUI.



Who they are: Twibble is a San Francisco based startup that allows for a better way to easily publish content from any RSS feed to Twitter with beautiful imagery in each and every tweet. The problem: the web application was down most of the time, the users could not login; and this was only the tip of the iceberg. The author of the code was involved in another project full time and the rest of the founders didn’t have the technical skills to fix the problem.

Technologies used: Technologies: Java 8, Spring, Elasticsearch, Angular.js, Bootstrap and Rackspace



Who they are: MyTab is a San Francisco based startup that had issues connecting via webservice to one of their partners. They were advised by the partner to update their system which should solve the issue. MyTab assigned the update to Dreamix managed services team.

How we helped: We updated the application components affected - apache, php and curl libs within a short time-frame, however the main issue was still not solved. Out of the initially agreed service we set-up a session together with the PHP developers to sort out what exactly was happening, eventually we spotted that SSLv3 connection was being refused by the other side. We suggested to switch over to TLSv1 or higher as recently the poodle vulnerability was announced and we figured the partners of myTab already switched off the vulnerable SSLv3 protocol version without notification. Eventually this solved the communication issue.

We've also provided an upgrade plan proposal to get the whole system up-to-date including the underlying OS - Ubuntu server and database - MySQL and proposed changes to the architectural design that will make the system more scalable and resilient.

Mutual Vision


Who they are: Mutual Vision Technologies is a leading provider of software solutions to the financial services sector.

How we helped: George Webb (CEO) invited our team to assess their current Oracle Forms solution and to propose possibilities for migration to ADF (the web framework of Oracle Fusion Middleware). We also carried out an architectural review of Mutual Vision's integration between their Oracle Solution and their new .Net platform. The result was a proposed solution and a POC of hybrid application (ADF and Oracle Forms), based on GRACE.

Additionally the solution was taking advantage of Jasper Reports and BI, which would give further analytical power of Mutual Vision product. Mutual Vision's team enjoyed the rich user interface and the dashboarding possibilities that ADF technology provides.