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Are You looking for a Software Development Partner?
If you are looking for:

Boosting your revenues by accepting bigger or more complicated projects that include technologies unfamiliar to you.

Improving your margins through nearshoring some of your tasks that are not core or do not have to be developed in your company.

Developing your project on time with more than the expected quality.

Hedge part of the risks with an established company with partners in Switzerland, UK and Germany.

Boosting your revenues by accepting bigger or more complicated projects that include technologies unfamiliar to you.

With Dreamix you can be sure that:
We meet deadlines, provide stability during the execution of the project and we can be contacted 24/7.
We have a passion for challenges and will figure how to deliver your project in the best possible way.
Your ideas and goals are important to us and you can rely on adept advice when wanted.
Our QA team guarantees for the best quality of our products.
We have adopted Agile methodology and we rely on SCRUM in the software delivery.
The huge knowledge of our people allows us to cover the entire vertical from consultancy to development and implementation.
You can either nearshore part of the process, the entire process or we can send you people on site if you need them due to short headcount or lack of expertise.
Your success is our success!
The quality, stability and security we provide can be seen through our previous projects with satisfaction rate of over 98%.
We deliver software and experts that exceed the expectations and thus we have a great community of delighted clients. The agile approach, combined with the above technical skills, allows us to work with leading companies from Switzerland, Germany, UK, USA, etc in industries like aviation, finance & insurance, telecommunications, government and health-care.
We provide software development, requirements elicitation, architecture and design, testing, management and support for companies like VistaJet, Fadata and Ericsson. We also have experience with startups and have the ability to assist you in the most important first steps of your new business, like we have done with CloudCar and other successful startups.
We've gained the trust of the United Nations, BNP Paribas, the Royal Bank of Scotland and others and have consulted through their software development projects.

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