Dream Company. Real Expertise.

Dreamix is a Software Development Company with more than 10 years track record of successful projects. We provide quality services in the field of Java Software Development, Integration and Managed Services.

Our Core Values

Collective Effort

Being part of something bigger than you is a proven way of expanding one’s horizons. This is why we believe that we should always work as one and always help each other. Collective effort is one of the values that brings Dreamix to a new level of accomplishment.

High Expertise

Quality software development services can be provided only by true professionals. High expertise is the basis that each and every one of our employees must prove in order to start working for Dreamix. The adept knowledge of our developers helps us provide services that are classified beyond technology.


Everything that our software development company has accomplished wouldn’t have been possible without great responsibility. Taking chances, but always thinking of the consequences, standing behind what you believe, but understanding the others is what helps us maintain the balance in the company and our environment. Responsibility helps build trust and high quality software for our clients.

Knowledge Sharing

Expert advice, new ideas and a different point of view are a necessity when it comes to personal and professional growth. Sharing with our team not only helps maintain the friendly work environment, but also helps us develop and overachieve every day. At Dreamix we help our team by providing many trainings, extra courses and different opportunities to get certified for their proven skills.


No matter how much work experience you have or what your position is, at Dreamix you always have a vote and the right to speak up your mind. Great ideas are born in discussion and everyone brave enough to share their thoughts and support them with data is of high value to our Dream Team. Proactiveness is what help us get better as a company every day. At Dreamix experience is a necessity but is not enough. At all times people are working on making their projects and products even better.

Our Expertise

  • Java EE - Spring
  • Oracle Fusion Middleware stack - ADF, BPM, SOA, WebCenter
  • Oracle Forms migration and ADF
  • Middleware support and cloud
  • Agile management and development processes
  • Business Intelligence and analytics